Sales professionals come to The Champion’s Accelerator to elevate their lives through clarity, balance and alignment

finding the right sales coaching program can be tough

Most sales coaching or training programs are informative – not transformative.

  • Do you ever wish you had someone you could count on to help you overcome your most important sales challenges?
  • Are you exhausted trying to find a place where you can get reliable help growing your results and income that doesn’t teach the same old cheesy and pushy tactics?
  • Do you wish you could find the right sales model that aligns with your character and values instead of trying to force yourself to fit into some cookie-cutter method?
  • Are you tired of wasting time and money on sales training ‘courses’ that are all talk – but no real substance?
  • Do you want to work with a real axe-sharpening sales coach who can provide you with the kind of tailored, focused attention needed to drive your accountability and success?

We Get It ( done )

As a sales professional, you go to battle every day to put food on the table.

Sales isn’t a hobby for you – it’s a way of life, and the path you’ve chosen isn’t for the faint of heart.

The stakes are high and the difference between winning and losing comes down to having the right coach in your corner.

At a certain point, successful sales professionals like you decide to level up – and that’s when you realize you can’t get to the next level until you face the reality that what got you here isn’t going to get you there.

For anyone who’s ever had a bonafide coach in their corner during a boxing match or on the sidelines during a football game, they know that the term “coach” barely scratches the surface when describing the role those people play your life.

Coaches provide inspiration, accountability, unfiltered advice, and more. Great coaches consistently step up to the plate and embrace their responsibility to help you reach your potential, becoming whoever they need to be in order to help you win.

In the Champion’s Accelerator, we don’t waste time trying to find the right “closing script” or coming up with tricky ways to ‘overcome objections’.

Instead we focus on the fundamentals of alignment, and then push you to operate at the edge of your own competency while keeping you accountable.

This isn’t your daddy’s sales coaching – we don’t give seminars at the local Holiday Inn; you’re not here to wear a name tag, drink stale coffee or sit in a conference room listening to someone boast about what a ‘great closer’ they are.

You don’t need more bullshit sales advice – you need a real axe-sharpening acceleration coach.

why join?

The Champion’s Accelerator fuels – and frees – sales professionals on their journey to the pinnacle of personal and professional achievement

To Accelerate

Because the fastest learning (and the best outcomes) happen when you stop being the lone wolf and start working with a focused axe-sharpening coach

To Advance

Because you don’t make exceptional forward progress or achieve your goals by sitting around talking about it – you do it by taking intentional and consistent action

To Achieve

Because exhilarating change, proper balance and lasting growth only happen when you are properly challenged and supported in a way that is in alignment with your values

A Word of Caution

If you are just looking for some new “closing techniques”, looking for some hot new “sales script” or want someone to magically turn you into some kind of “sales god” overnight – we are not for you.

We don’t believe in the tooth fairy, unicorns or magic potions. We speak directly and plainly. We don’t make excuses – this is a no-snowflake zone. We swear occasionally. We do the work.

And we get results. Guaranteed.

how it works

1,823+ transformations.

90 intense days.

one helluva program.

Transform yourself in just 3 short months


FIND ALIGNMENT at work, home and self

You can simultaneously improve your sales results, fuel your mental health, and understand what drives you – if you have the right tools, mindset, and support.

You will find much-needed balance in both your personal and professional life when you cleanse yourself of all those old, tired and pressure-filled sales tactics that have been slowly robbing you of your self-esteem – and exchange them for a framework that is in alignment with your values, character and objectives.

We will strategically and systematically focus on serving the important aspects of your life and show you how you can effectively do the same.



Still using high-pressure sales tactics? Still endlessly chasing (stalking!) prospects with corny ‘just checking in’ emails? Still trying to convince prospects to buy using ‘features, advantages and benefits’?

Stop acting like a carnival barker and start acting like a REAL professional.

Once inside the Accelerator, you’ll learn a radical new way of selling that completely eliminates high-pressure tactics, gets rid of all those ‘cheesy’ and ‘corny’ methods, and instead positions you as a Trusted Advisor to your prospects.

You’ll close more sales faster and easier (and feel good about it), and be amazed at how much your income and self-confidence will grow when you start using a sales framework that is based on collaboration and alignment.


battle-tested Tools 

Every sales professional is unique – but they often run into the same rabbit holes.  The tools we give you are geared to keep you out of those traps so you can get more shit done.

And forget canned pitches or ‘sales scripts’ – we’ll give you modern tools that will help you identify what’s holding you back, show you how to get more productive stuff done, and catch any red flags that might be slipping under your radar (because life happens).

You’ll experience real performance acceleration at its finest (and fastest) when you have clarity of purpose and an aligned sales process.



Everest climbers have sherpas.  Formula One drivers have pit crews.  Accelerator members have world-class sales coaches that hold you accountable as you turn your goals into actions, and your actions into amazing results.

Find how fast you can go when you’re pushed – and how much more you can do when you’ve got a badass coach in your corner.

Champions know that trying to get to the top as the lone wolf is the long, hard, slow way.  We will give you the easier, faster, better – and proven – way.  We won’t give up on your success – and we’ll push you to make sure you don’t ever give up on yourself either.


FEEDBACK that matters 

You deserve to know when you’re crushing it – and also when you’re dropping the ball.

We are going to shine a bright light on your progress because Champions are not made by sugar-coating their progress. 

We are your sherpas, your pit crew responsible for giving you the best help and coaching we can so you achieve the transformation you want. 

And we guarantee it will be world-class, exhilarating, and a lot of fun.

buckle down – and buckle up

Do you have what it takes to accelerate like this?

Still not sure?  Keep scrolling for more details.

Three reasons not to join this program:

You’re looking for an easy fix

Success in sales takes a hell of a lot of hard work – and there are no substitutes. If you still believe in the tooth fairy or believe in getting something for nothing, then we can’t help you. 

We can make it simple by giving you a step-by-step game plan for getting better results, removing your frustrations, and finding proper balance in your career, life and self.  But, even though we can make those things simple, no one can make them EASY.

Every result and case study you see from the Champion’s Accelerator represents an extraordinary individual who showed up coachable, decisive, and determined to succeed. They followed everything we told them to do, they pushed through their setbacks, self-doubts and challenges – and earned their success.

There is no such thing as an ‘overnight success’ – and there is no path to the top that doesn’t require hard work and discipline.

You’re just looking for a few ‘tips’

If you have been struggling to find the right high-powered sales framework that aligns with your character, values and objectives, it’s likely because you’re trying too many random ideas or ‘patchwork’ strategies.

You can’t fix a broken arm by buying a lot of bandaids.

To properly structure a real aligned sales framework, you need to establish a new high-performance rhythm that challenges (and likely completely resets) your entire sales belief system.

So if you’re just looking for a few golden nuggets to give your income a little boost, you are not ready for this program. The sales professionals who join the Champion’s Acceleratorare not happy being benchwarmers – they want to be on the field making the big plays and winning championship trophies. 

you are ok with sacrificing integrity for results

Our mission is based on the foundation that sales – when done right – is a collaboration between yourself and your prospects. Selling should never be a coercive or manipulative situation for anyone.

Sadly, all too often we see sales professionals trade their ethics just to book a few more wins. Those people have a very difficult time adjusting to the kind of integrity-based sales framework we provide.

Every strategy, tool and method we teach is built around this one question: “What is going to get the best outcome for the client?” We will expect YOU to have that same mentality – and if you don’t, this program is definitely not for you.

show up. do the work. get results. 

our straight + forward guarantee

We don’t play games – and expect you don’t either.

Your enrollment in the Champion’s Accelerator is supported by a very simple formula:

Our Coaching + Proven Tools + Badass Strategies + Your Effort

= Powerful Results

During your first 30 days, you’ll begin to experience palpable acceleration, start seeing real results, access tools you’ll use for a lifetime and know if the Champion’s Accelerator is for you … or not. Your satisfaction will speak for itself or we will give you 110% of your investment back (the extra 10% because we wasted your time – shame on us).


than you have in 3 years

Everything we do is geared to help you get more results


Then Join Now – and Join In

WHY ARE YOU down here ?!?

You arrived at this website for a reason. Clearly you want to fix something in your life – maybe you want more income, maybe you want less stress, maybe you want greater peace of mind.

Whatever it is, one thing is for sure:  You’re never going to get any of those things if you keep wasting your time scrolling websites.

How much have you already spent on sales books, seminars, workshops, and courses – and still haven’t leveled-up your performance, your income or you life?

Can you honestly say you are absolutely confident in your ability to meet your success goals by continuing to do the same things you’re doing now?

How many hours have you wasted trying to piece together various sales tactics, strategies and ideas on your own – and yet here you are still searching, still hoping, and still wishing for a better life?

Maybe it’s time you asked yourself the hard question:  Are you going to continue to stay imprisoned by your excuses, or are you finally going to stop the BS and break free?