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An open message from our Founder:

Have you asked yourself:  Why can’t I get my sales results to be more consistent? Why do I keep spending money on courses that don’t provide lasting results?

I’m no stranger to the top:  I’ve built and managed dozens of sales teams, the largest consisting of 2,100 B2B financial sales agents in 48 states (and I built it in less than 32 months).

I’ve personally coached close to 2,000 sales professionals with my Revolution Selling methodology.

And I’ve personally been responsible for generating over a billion dollars in new sales revenues for the individuals and their respective companies that I’ve either managed, coached, trained or consulted with.

But I’m also no stranger to the bottom.  I’ve intimately known struggles both personally and professionally.  I’ve made countless stupid mistakes. I’ve ignored critical opportunities. And my ability to successfully help companies grow their sales results only came after decades of hard, determined work.

I tackled work, life and myself in what I call the ‘very hard and super-slow’ way. Now my mission is to share the better, faster, easier (and very proven) way with sales professionals just like you.

Sales pros like you rarely see their results accelerate into another gear (and there are other gears) without paradigm-shifting collisions, earth-shattering moments, plenty of moments that challenge your comfort zone – and working with a focused sales coach who has already been where you are right now and has made the same climb you want to make.

I call this the ‘lumberjack syndrome’: You’re furiously chopping more wood in the forest than any other lumberjack.  But your ax is dull. You’re working harder than anyone else but your results don’t show it. Abraham Lincoln famously said, “If I only had an hour to chop down a tree, I would spend the first 45 minutes sharpening my ax.”

I have the ax sharpener.  I can help you sense what you can achieve – which is probably more than you can ever imagine – and develop a path to that new level. I can give you the tools to accelerate down that path. And then I can support you on that journey until you get where you want to be.

It’s my job, mission and honor to help you understand that world-class sales coaching like ours will create lifelong changes in your income, your relationships and yourself.

You came here to learn about me,

Here’s what you need to know.

I’ve been a competitive high-performer since birth (I was born before my due date by just over a week), driving my early teachers crazy because I would sell the other students my answers to homework assignments (made enough to buy a new Schwinn bicycle in less than a year).  

In school, I was always an honor student.  Graduated summa cum laude. Was top performer at every company I ever worked with one notable exception (where I was the #2). Would insanely ask sales managers to give me higher quotas just so I could prove to myself I could do it (in those days I had a huge ego).

I made just about every mistake you can think of on my journey to create the life I wanted.  I’ve almost lost everything.  I’ve been scared on the battlefields of business and life.  I lost huge opportunities (such as the time I blew a $8,000,000 consulting deal because I completely misread the prospect’s needs).  I’ve been divorced. Survived a major car accident. I’ve come within minutes of jumping off a bridge. I’ve made some major screw-ups.

So when I tell you that I’ve been there, I mean it. And if we work together, and I try to stop you from making some of the same mistakes I made, know that I’m talking from a place of experience.

While in one way or another I’ve always been involved with sales, I never consindered myself a ‘sales expert’. In fact, I’m a marketing consultant by trade. But I have a natural attraction to teaching.

As a volunteer teacher at the Salvation Army, I’ve helped more than 311 adults successfully earn their GED (and to this day I still get annual thank-you cards from most of them).

Of all the things I’ve done – from helping build multiple sales teams to establishing several nationwide business development divisions to being one of the first people in history to be certified as a bankcard service provider – Revolution Selling is the reason I’m on this planet. I eat, sleep and breathe helping badass sales professionals like you get more out of life.

If you’re reading this,

there’s a good chance:

  • We have a lot in common
  • You’ve come a hell of a long way on your own
  • You’ve got a burning hunger for something bigger, better, more badass for your career, your income and your life

My team and I are prepared to push you further and faster than you ever thought possible.

The only question is:  Are you ready?

Every member of Revolution Selling is more than an exceptional sales professional.

We’re also spouses, parents, little league coaches, friends, community leaders and volunteers.

We don’t want to just multiple our contribution to our bank account balances – we want to multiple our contribution to everything.  

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