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Todd Chasteen

2021 Graduate

“The thing is, I didn’t know what I didn’t know; I just assumed that my sales process was as it should be, and that my conversion numbers were in line with industry norms. Now I’m breaking sales records every month. Ridiculous!

Catherine Foust

2020 Graduate

I would recommend Revolution Selling to any salesperson who is genuinely interested in having the peace of mind that comes from closing sales like clockwork without being pushy. Best decision you’ll ever make.

Derrick Mayo

2019 Graduate

“Revolution Selling has been the biggest ROI and best professional decision I’ve made in years. Thank you to the Revolution Selling team for guiding me to my greatest year ever. I will forever be grateful.”

Mary Guerra

2020 Graduate

“Revolution Selling has been an incredible program that has changed the way I structured and manage my sales methodology. I’ve experienced outstanding results and highly recommend it.

Kevin Kinsey

2022 Graduate

Revolution Selling changed me in ways that I didn’t expect and put me on a more rewarding path to more consistent earnings, and they did it a heck of a lot faster than I had anticipated.”

Dan Hansell

2020 Graduate

What became very clear to me right away was how much I didn’t know about what was holding back my growth. It was like getting hit in the head with a brick. For me, working with Revolution Selling has been amazing. These guys are the real deal.”

Jenna Vinson

2019 Graduate

Revolution Selling is a beautiful blend of meat, coaching, and support. They have a great program that helped me deploy a more effective method of selling my services that has nearly doubled my income in less than a year. No one else does what these guys do.”

Norm Gonzalez

2022 Graduate

I wanted someone to help me restructure my entire sales approach, not just give me a bunch of ‘closing scripts’. I had what I thought were some pretty decent performance numbers, but after I worked with Revolution Selling it was like someone turned on the afterburners.

Andy Grant

2023 Graduate

“You gave me freedom! I am winning more clients now because I am selling smarter. I have a much lower stress level because I can predict with reasonable certainty what my booked sales ratio is going to be each month (something I could never have done before).”

Hugh Johnson

2021 Graduate

My reduced pursuit cycle converts viable prospects in a fraction of the time, and that has cut my sales cycle time by nearly 68%. I now literally close more sales in a month than I used to close in an entire quarter (not kidding) – my income has gone through the roof.”

Charles Long

2023 Graduate

I never, never would have believed the kind of results I’ve experienced were possible if I hadn’t experienced them myself. I now sell more new engagements faster and about 4 out of 10 of them making a buying commitment after just one sales presentation (just one!)”

Todd West

2022 Graduate

“This was by far the best sales coaching program I’ve ever been in, and I’ve been in a number of them. It wasn’t overnight results, but I’m trending in the right direction and at my current rate of growth I’ll see about a 30% increase in my income for this year (which is nothing to sneeze at and a major improvement, so I have no complaints of course!)”

Josh Lewis

2022 Graduate

I had mixed feelings at first so I was pretty resistant … I was ready to give up on sales in general. I was burnt out, frustrated. I’m very grateful these guys stuck with me and didn’t give up on me when I was ready to give up on myself.

Bill Hester

2021 Graduate

My philosophy throughout my career has been I’m humble enough to know I don’t know everything. I’m constantly looking for ways to grow and to seek out more. When I looked at Revolution Selling, I said, this looks bold, this looks different – so why wait? There’s no reason to wait. I needed to get in. I needed to start learning about this. And I’m damn glad I did.

Rhonda Morales

2022 Graduate

The income transformation is just a bonus (and what a transformation it has been). But it’s the mental growth that is the real prize.

I’m playing on a whole new level now and my income, self-esteem and attitude reflects it.

Jeff Hass

2023 Graduate

I am an extremely discerning person – I am willing to make outsized investments in my growth and professional development, and when I do I expect excellence in return.

I can tell you: Revolution Selling is the real deal. Run, don’t walk, and join this program.


Due to extreme demand, you must qualify


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