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We invite you to test drive the Revolution Selling experience with a complimentary 90-minute Training Session.

Experience for yourself the value, information and support that we give to every sales professional we work with – before you decide to put skin in the game.

Nothing to add to your calendar.

No pseudo-strategy ‘pitch’ call to suffer through.


Complete the short form below to tell us about your situation and objectives – and we’ll send you a link to a complimentary 90-minute training session if you qualify.


During the training session, we’ll do a deep-dive into our strategy and approach so you can discover how our program might be a good fit to support your growth and improvement efforts. 


If we’ve got what you want – and you have what it takes – you’ll drink from the fire hydrant as you get everything you need to build breathtaking results, scale your income and create lasting progress.


To qualify for our complimentary training session, there is no fine print, slight of hand or Jedi mind tricks – but there are catches:

  • You must have a firm grasp of basic sales fundamentals and a strong professional work ethic. If you’re a snowflake, couch-potato or daydreamer, this is not for you.
  • You understand the value of integrity – everything we do is firmly rooted in the principle that sales should be about collaboration, not coercion, and your values, character, and ethical standards must align with that principle too.
  • You are coachable – you realize that quick and easy fixes do not exist in the real world – not if you want incredible and lasting results. You must be decisive, coachable, and resourceful, ready to push through setbacks, anxieties, doubts and limiting beliefs.

  • You have a burning desire to get to the top – you are not satisfied with mediocrity and are actively seeking a sales coach or coaching program that has a proven path to help you achieve your personal and financial goals.

  • You are ready to take action – you are ready and able to invest the time, money and effort now to take that path to success.

Agree with all of the above? Then complete the form and expect to be challenged and accelerated.

We know we are not for everyone – and that’s why not everyone qualifies to work with us. But for the right badass at the right time in their life who is looking for the right thing, we deliver an exhilarating, breathtaking and astonishing value.

Are YOU ready to accelerate?

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Any and all information provided is held in the strictest of privacy. We never sell, rent, lease or otherwise transfer any information collected. Never have, never will.

Too much too soon?

We get it. Our get-to-know you exercise is intense because so are the results you know you want.

Everything we do is geared to be highly effective and value-driven, which is why we need these details so we can make sure the training session it’s not a waste of your time (or ours).

If this application is too much for you, that’s a warning sign you’re not ready for this yet – and that’s ok!  Should you wish to ring the bell in the future, please consider bookmarking this page and return when you’re ready.


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