we make sales champions

The Revolution Selling Academy is where sales and business professionals come for a fully supported journey toward the mastery of salesmanship, life, and self – all at the same time.


Imagine being a part of a sales coaching program that will help you win more sales consistently, reliably, repeatedly

… with proven high-performance tools that have a track record of helping sales professionals just like you maximize their results …

… plus the support of badass coaches to help keep you focused and on track.

Welcome to the The Revolution Selling Academy™ , a high-impact coaching membership exclusively for sales and business professionals who are committed to getting to the next level both personally and professionally.

This has been called the ‘Navy Seals’ of sales coaching programs. Why?  Because what we do here isn’t for everyone – and not everyone gets in.

But for those who do, this is the game-changer they have been looking for.  This is the real deal. This is what gets results.

This is what works. 

You’ve never seen anything like this before.

We created the Revolution Selling Academy™ exclusively for sales and business professionals just like you:

People who want more.  

More results.  More freedom.  More success. People who want an extraordinary life.

We can help you accomplish those goals.  Whatever your objectives are, this program will help you create real, tangible results that you can feel proud of.

Badassess know that getting ongoing coaching and support is exponentially more impactful than trying to get to the top as the lone wolf.

Going it alone is the long, hard, slow way; ours is the easier, faster, better, and proven way.

We have already helped more than 1,800 sales professionals around the world create outstanding results.

So the only question remaining is:

Are you ready to be next?

why join?

The Revolution Selling Academy offers an incredible framework that fuels sales professionals on their journey to the pinnacle of personal and professional achievement

To Accelerate

Because the fastest learning – and the best outcomes – happen when you stop being a lone wolf and work alongside experienced, driven peers
to advance

Because you don’t make exceptional progress or massive impact by talking about it – you do it by taking intentional and consistent action

to achieve

Because exhilarating change and lasting growth happen when you are properly challenged and supported both mentally and emotionally

a word of caution:

Sales professionals come here for breakthroughs – not just a few ideas.

If you are looking for a ‘course’ that promises to take you from zero to hero in just 2 months, then you are probably not ready for this.  

Getting to the top is not ‘one-and-done’. You can’t spend just a few months watching self-study videos and somehow expect that’s going to be enough to get you to the top.

If you still belief in the tooth fairy, this isn’t for you.

This is the real deal. This is what works. 

We do the work. We speak directly and plainly (this is a no-snowflake zone). We swear occasionally. We put our egos away. We ignore distractions and we don’t make excuses.

And we get results.  Guaranteed.

Still not sure?  Keep scrolling for more details.

“Doing things smart instead of hard”

“I knew where I wanted to go – I just needed the proper tools and support to get there. I don’t know everything but I did know that trying to figure it out on my own was not the answer.

The honest training and guidance from the Revolution Selling Academy – this has been the kick in the ass I needed. They had all the tools in the toolbox. They were concrete. They were actionable. They weren’t just “talk” or “attaboys” – I didn’t want a pat on the head and encouragement to get back out on the field. What I needed was new plays I could execute. That’s what I go in the Academy.”

– Tim Futrell

We will stop your most destructive SALES habits:

Stop the BS Tactics

Ditch all those old manipulative & coercive selling tactics and start closing more (and better) sales using integrity-based methods.


Escape your mind prison by removing negative BS self-talk and resetting your mindset with the focus of a warrior.

stop wasting money

Buying all those ‘courses’ and ‘8-week programs’ have been a waste of money; time to start investing smart in your future.


You don’t make astonishing progress and achieve your goals by talking about it – you do it by taking intentional action.

“best decision you’ll ever make”

“First off, let me say very clearly that for many years I was anti-coaching. I didn’t want someone try to teach me better ways to sell who had been a coach all their life (or worse, someoe who was a bartender a few years ago and now is a self-proclaimed sales guru). I wanted someone with real in-the-trenches experience – someone who had fought the same battles as me.

I talked with a friend who said he joined the Revolution Selling Academy late last year; I told him I was considering joining and wanted to pick his brain about what his experience was like.  His words: “Best decision you’ll ever make in your life.”

That closed the deal for me.  I immediately signed up and joined in January 2021.  And he was right:  It has been the best decision I’ve ever made for my career.”

– Catherine Foust



In about 8 hours a month

Business, Life + Self Mastery

You can simultaneously improve your results, fuel your health, nurture your relationships, and understand what drives you – if you have the right tools, mindset, motivations, and support.

The Revolution Selling Academy™ will take you to the razor-sharp apex where financial freedom and abundance meet self-esteem, joy, fulfillment, and impact.

You will be challenged, motivated, educated and enlightened. And when you reach your own personal finish line, you will reflect back on where you started and compare it how far you’ve come.


Everyone has fears.  Fear of failure, fear of embarassment, or the very real fear of feeling like you’re not in control.

But what’s even scarier than all those fears is the possibility of closing yourself off to discovering something new. 

When you enter the Academy, the first thing we establish with you is a new high-performance rhythm that challenges (and often resets completely) your entire sales belief system. And the crux of this centers on slaying all those limiting beliefs, fears and BS thinking  that have stymied your growth.

Then we have the proper canvas upon which we can create and sustain the kind of acceleration you want.

BADASS Sales Strategies

Sales – when done right – is a collaboration with your prospect; it should never be a coercive or manipulative situation for either party.

Every two weeks we show our members a brand new high-impact strategy rooted in our integrity-focused methodology. These will reduce your frustrations, convert more sales, and skyrocket your results – all without sacrificing your character.

Just ONE of these strategies could be THE game-changer for you and add thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to your income. The value of this member benefit alone is incredible.

Power tools

Anyone can make a goal sheet – badasses create awareness and performance rhythms so they can make their achievement inevitable.

As an Academy member, you’ll be provided ‘download and deploy’ tools that will help you identify what’s holding you back, help you get more productive stuff done, and pinpoint red flags that might be slipping under your radar.

Every sales professional is unique – but they often run into the same rabbit holes. Our tools will keep you out of those traps and on the right path.

impact coaching

Everest climbers have sherpas.  Formula One drivers have pit crews.  And Academy members have world-class coaching that hold you accountable as you turn your goals into actions.

When you hang around a bunch of really sharp, forward-thinking, high performance professionals, you can’t help but be sharpened in the process.

We will accelerate you through the learning curve, cheer you on, and keep you on track to achieving your goals.

ruthless accountability

You need to know when you’re crushing it – and when you’re dropping the ball.

It does you no good to have things sugar-coated or ‘kid gloved’.  If you want to succeed in the big leagues, you need to have big-league accountability.

The results you get while an Academy member are created by you, not us. You have to identify your desired outcomes, show up, master and implement the tools we give you, and then drive all of it through to the finish line with tactical execution. You own the outcome – we are the sherpas, the pit crew responsible only for giving you the best help and coaching we can. 

And we guarantee it will be world-class, exhilarating, and badass.

zero risk guarantee

Our work – and your investment – are connected by a very simple formula that you deserve both as a true professional and as a badass human on the journey to your true potential:

Our Coaching + Proven Tools + Your Honest Effort = Outstanding Results.

You’ll experience palpable acceleration, real results, apply tools you’ll use for a lifetime, and decide whether membership in the Academy is for you – or not.

Your satisfaction will speak for itself in the first 30 days or you can cancel your membership and we’ll give you 100% of your investment back.

It doesn’t get fairer than that.

Still not sure?  Keep scrolling for more details.

“I love how my life looks now”

“I really hated sales coaching programs – they’re usually full of the same slippery crap that focus more on closing tactics than on work-life balance. Jesus – the last thing I needed was ‘more closing tips’. I needed direction. I needed REAL help!

So I figured: I can do this myself. I can just purchase a sales course or watch somebody in my industry and just pattern after what they are doing. But that was like saying I can learn to be a combat pilot by watching YouTube videos.

​The Academy quickly taught me that doing it all by yourself is slow, stressful, and counter-productive. If you want to achieve great things, you’ve got to get with people who have already done it and are/have doing it better than you.

If I wanted more out of my career, my life, and myself, it was going to take more knowledge, more experience, more expertise than I could muster on my own. It had to go way, way beyond just ‘clever closing tactics’.

I love being a member of this program. And I love how my life looks now. There’s nothing else like this (and I’ve looked).”

– Bill Hester II


The Academy will transform you in surprising and exciting ways

No More Frustration

Learn to sell with the calm, poise and razor-sharp focus of a zen monk, finally free of the trap of mental chatter, nervousness, and hesitation, with a mind of steel that is never clouded by anger, frustration, or disappointment and that gets even more focused under pressure.

no more uncertainty

You can abandon the feast-and-famine unpredictability in your sales cycle and replace it with certainty and consistency, reducing your stress levels and giving you much-needed peace of mind as your income reaches heights that you never thought were actually possible.

no more fear

Start walking into every selling situation with the commanding presence of a spartan warrior – in complete control and unshakeable in the face of difficulty with the ultra-rare ability to turn your toughest selling challenges into your most explosive positive results.


Position yourself with your prospects as their Trusted Advisor – someone they can confide in to help solve their problems and/or help them achieve specific objectives … you will move with a relaxed, effortless creativity that allows every sales negotiation to flow naturally through you, securing deals with even the toughtest of prospects in the harshest of market conditions.

no more excuses

Discover how to experience more explosive positive transformations in all other areas of your life – unleashing a blazing new level of confidence, discipline, and energy because you’ve abandoned all your BS habits and are now armed with the tools and support to continue your journey upward wherever you want it to go.

buckle down – and buckle up.

Do you have what it takes to accelerate like this?

“joining was a no brainer”

“It’s easy to lean into your ego and think, I got this – I don’t need a coach. But the reality is you do need a coach if you want the brass ring. There isn’t a single person who got to the top in any field without someone mentoring or coaching them.

I learned this the hard way. I had very specific challenges that were standing between me and the next level. My focus was scattered. I was obstinate and stubborn. I was self-sabotaging my own success and didn’t even realize it. I was grateful that I had already reached an accomplished professional benchmark, but there was so much I didn’t know about the next phase of growth. How do I get there? How do I STAY there? How do I do it without burning out or sacrificing my integrity?

I found all those answers in the Revolution Selling Academy.

When I did the math – the potential ROI, the paradigm shifts, the transformative improvements – becoming a member was the easiest decision I’d made in a long time.”

– Bob Scoggin



Everything you need for full speed ahead


Our exclusive training Armory, packed with download-and-deploy productivity templates


Coaching calls every Tuesday hold you accountable to doing the work & getting results


Bi-weekly acceleration workshops that teach you our proprietary sales strategies 


New training modules every Wednesday that support implementing the strategies 


Dedicated Member Success Team to keep you on track (no slipping through the cracks!)


KPIs and some healthy unvarnished reporting on your goal achievcement progress

10X Acclerator Academy members also get:


Our Founder J Michael in your back pocket for private 1:1 coaching & strategy sessions

911 access

Experienced sales coaches available to you for 911 sessions, questions, and more


Curveballs happen, and when
they do, so do our mastermind
strategy sessions.

Prove it to yourself risk-free

Our work – and your investment – are connected by a very simple formula that you deserve both as a true professional and as a badass human on the journey to your true potential:

Our Coaching + Proven Tools + Your Honest Effort = Outstanding Results.

You’ll experience palpable acceleration, real results, apply tools you’ll use for a lifetime, and decide whether membership in the Academy is for you – or not.

Your satisfaction will speak for itself in the first 30 days or you can cancel your membership and we’ll give you 100% of your investment back.

It doesn’t get fairer than that.

Still not sure?  Keep scrolling for more details.

Ready to go all-in on yourself?

Then join now and join in

The path to success has never been this affordable


$ 297 / Month

What we do together isn’t for the faint of heart. But for the right sales badass at the right time in their life looking for the right thing, this is an exhilarating, breathtaking and astonishing value. And it is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

It’s our mission and honor to help you understand that sales coaching – when it’s world-class like this is – creates lifelong changes in your income, life, and self.

Our Story

Revolution Selling is a coaching and training accelerator created by J Michael Tibor CBSP for sales professionals, consultants, and professional service providers who want to perform at the elite 1% – the apex of where financial freedom meets happiness, esteem, fulfillment and impact.  Meet J Michael here.

We support that journey – the mastery of craft, life, and self – with battle-tested tools, world-class coaching, support from badass coaches, and proven strategies created on the foundation that sales should be about collaboration, not coercion.

And proper sales coaching is never ‘one and done’. The concept you can just purchase a ‘course’, watch a few videos and presto! like magic become a badass sales professional is  pure lunacy.

Proper acceleration and growth comes from constant and ongoing reinforcement. From learning now just the ‘how’, but understanding the ‘why’. From getting honest unvarnished feedback about your progress to your personal goals.

Membership in the Academy is very selective. We are not for everyone—and not everyone gets in. What we do together isn’t easy nor for the faint of heart. But the results are an exhilarating return on investment.

And, unlike most sales ‘coaching’ or ‘training’ programs, we don’t play the shell game of hiding the cost of our program until you’re boxed in on a high-pressure sales call.

You’re a badass professional, not a child. You have a right to know our program cost up front (and, frankly, you should question the integrity of any company that doesn’t do the same).


Our 'why'

We are building a better world, one sales professional at a time.

Badasses like you have a blast radius of about 150 people:  Spouse, children, family, siblings, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and more.

When you get better, they do too.

When we achieve our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) of helping 10,000 Sales Professionals achieve their goals, it will mean we’ve positively impacted roughly 1,500,000 people.

THAT will be a mission accomplished.


Our Bold Beliefs

We believe…
The sales profession as a whole has been broken for many years, and it’s only being made worse by faux-gurus peddling magi-bullet solutions.  Therefore, we see fixing this to be an important key to building a better world for everyone.

We believe…
The journey to the top is marked by success at work, in life, and in the mirror. These aren’t at odds – they are intertwined, congruent and interdependent. Mastering all of them is what defines true and lasting success.

We believe…
Talk is cheap.

Talking about success is for LinkedIn, Twitter and cocktail parties. Those who really want the journey to the top aren’t wasting time talking about it – they are taking committed action to making it happen.

We believe…
A lone wolf never becomes leader of the pack.

Climbers never reach the summit of Everest without Sherpas. Formula One drivers cannot complete a race without their pit crew.

And any true professional who genuiely wants to get to the top knows they cannot get there alone.

We believe…
Excuses are for wimps.

Snowflakes don’t become top performers.  And Champions are not made in a daycare center – they are made on the battlefield.

Success requires grit, tenacity and ferocious self-dedication.

If you want a hug, go get a dog.  If you want results, you need to stop the excuses, show up, and do the work.

Our track record

More than 1,800 sales professionals trained, coached and/or instructed in our methodology and strategies

Over 800 sales professionals have added more than $50,000 to their personal income after working with us

Over 500 have added more than $100,000

Over 200 have added more than $200,000

Over 70 have added more than $300,000

3 have added more than $500,000

Thousands of dinner tables attended on-time, vacations taken, children’s activities attended, promises kept, and much more

Tens of millions of dollars in generational wealth built

Thousands of ‘thank yous’ that still come in almost every day


How Much Time do I need to invest IN THIS?

± 2-3 hours per week (more if you are seeking faster acceleration)

We expect you to make progress – to show up, do the work, and get results. Feedback will be constant, unfiltered, and unvarnished.

What all do I get from an Academy membership?

Open-Ended Monthly Membership 
No specific duration commitment – stay as long as you want, cancel anytime

Full Support
from our Member Success Team (MST)

Tuesday Coaching Session
With Active Academy Members

Wednesday Strategy-Specific Training Workshop
With Active Academy Members

Friday “Open Office Hours” with our Coaching Team
Schedule your own private session each week as you need it

Quarterly Breakthrough Event
Free attendance

Eligible for Upgrade
to VIP Coaching

when you do the work:

  • Mastery of work, life and yourself – all at the same time.
  • Sales strategies that provide the results you desire and are rooted entirely in integrity-based methods
  • Stronger and healtheir relationships with people you care about – spouse, children, family and friends.
  • Less frustration and anxiety, and greater peace of mind in your pursuit of top-level sales performance.
  • Greater, more consistent income.
  • The optimal man or woman in the mirror who can say, “I’m as good as I can get up to today. But, give me another day and I’ll be even better.
  • You embrace and are embedded in your journey from the doer you are to the badass   sales professional you deserve to be.
How long is the average membership?

There is nothing average about the Academy or its Members – we’ve designed our programs and support to scale with you, tailored to your goals.

That said, we’re here as long as you need us.

The complete acceleration curriculum is designed to take one year to complete. 

Those who complete the entire cirriculum graduate to Alumni status, where they have the option to continue to benefit from our dedicated Alumni Support Group and have ongoing access to all the coaching, workshops, tools and training programs we offer to all Academy members for as long as they wish for the Alumni rate of $395/year.

The transformational benefits you’ll experience and the measurable improvements you’ll make are not short-term – they will stay with and around you for your lifetime long after our work together is over.

why I joined THE ACADEMY

Academy Testimonial 14

You guys are awesome. I go into every selling situation now like a matador walking into the ring with mustard on my sword. My results have more than doubled in less than a year. And it was easy. My clients see me as their expert – my competitors are wondering what the heck is going on because I’m getting all the new projects.  Powerful, powerful program.

James Block
Academy Testimonial 13

I was anti-coaching – too many bad ‘coaches’ out there who talk the talk but can’t walk the walk. Too much hype. Too much theory without substance. I didn’t want some new bag of tricks – I wanted a full overhaul. A reset. More clarity. More balance. And the Academy gave that to me.

Forrest Bowman
Academy Testimonial 12

This was insanely valuable – there was so much information, so much real meat packed into everything. I’ve never had this kind mental evolution before. I even still listen to the recordings of the entire program when I work out, when l’m commuting, and whenever I need a moment of clarity.

Don Israel
Academy Testimonial 11

You weren’t kidding – this program is incredible. And the tools – so simple yet so powerful. I use them daily now and I am not sure I can go back to using anything else. The whole process was a bit cathartic but I’m really glad I did it.

Harold Rexroad
Academy Testimonial 10

You heard me! For the first time ever someone took the time to understand my sales challenges and showed me how to overcome them. I have reduced my stress level (not a zen monk yet but getting there lol) and I am winning more and bigger deals easier and quicker than I used to. Awesome stuff.

Rhonda Morales
Academy Testimonial 9

It took me from running solo in the wilds of the sales jungle to feeling like I was part of a “band of brothers”, a community. It REALLY has changed everything for me even at this stage of my career (and I’m stubborn so this was an accomplishment for me).

Howard Gilmore
Academy Testimonial 8

I had mixed feelings when I first joined – I’ve really had a hard time finding a sales coaching program that ‘got it’ without being all ‘preachy’.  What I got from this program was mostly a new way of looking at why I am a salesperson; why my clients buy; why they buy from me.  The ROI for me has been 12x this year alone.

Josh Lewis
Academy Testimonial 7

Good strategies. Very clever indeed. I’ve learned several new things. I guess I am not too old to learn new tricks. Personally for me the value for this program was really in the mental coaching; I was having poor work-life balance issues and the Academy put me on track.

Robert Pierce
Academy Testimonial 6

I am booking more sales now than the others guys in my office who are more than twice my age with decades more sales experience. And I kind of feel like I’m now some Jedi master of sales – I am closing bigger and better deals with some of the toughest prospects in my territory and I’m doing it without any pushy or cheesy tactics.

Chris Gibsom
Academy Testimonial 5

It’s not just the sales strategies for me – it’s the coaching. Those sessions give me a fresh new look at what I can be doing differently to get more clients. But it’s so much deeper than that – I’m a whole different (and better) person now. I have a better balance in my life – that alone was worth the investment.

Emily Collins
Academy Testimonial 4

I’ve been managing salespeople for three decades now and this Academy has given me, no bullshit, more ‘What the hell’ moments about professional selling than I’ve ever had in my entire career. I never get impressed by sales coaching programs, but this .. this goes far beyond just a new selling stratagem. This is perspective. This is leverage. This is power. This is Sun-Tzu level stuff.

Bill Melton
Academy Testimonial 3

I can’t say enough about being an Academy member. I’ve participated in a lot of sales training programs in my career – some good, some not – but nowhere have I ever experienced what I got in the Academy.  It’s just nuts how much of a paradigm shift this has given me  – not just my income but my mental health as well.

Charles Long
Equipment Leasing
Academy Testimonial 2

Before I joined, I didn’t really understand why my customers bought from me – I thought I knew, but it turns out I was missing a lot of key points because I was assuming too much. This helped me evolve that mindset – and my income has evolved along with it.

Ray Lamm
Legal Services
Academy Testimonial

I had very specific challenges to get to the next level. I was so grateful that my sales career had reached a comfortable income benchmark, but there was so much I didn’t know about the next phase of growth. The Revolution Selling Academy gave me what I needed to get there.

Michael Boehmer

show up. do the work. get results.

Do you have what it takes to accelerate like this?

How did you get down here ?!?

If by now you still aren’t convinced the Academy is for you, then respectfully you’re not suitable for this

You arrived at this website for a reason. Clearly you want to fix something in your life – maybe you want more income, maybe you want less stress, maybe you want greater peace of mind.

But if you’ve made it all the way to the end of this page – and still can’t decide if you should take action – then you should not enroll in the Academy – we suggest becoming an Inner Circle member instead → .

Ask yourself:  How much have you already spent on sales books, seminars, workshops, and courses – and yet you still haven’t achieved your goals?

Why do you keep spending countless emotional energy reserves wanting a better life for yourself and your family, but not actually doing what it really takes to make it happen?

Can you honestly say you are absolutely confident in your ability to meet your income goals this year? Or next year?  Or the year after that?

How many hours have you wasted trying to piece together a hodge-podge of sales tactics, strategies and ideas on your own by surfing various websites and downloading ‘freebies’ actually thinking they will make a difference in your results?

Staying stuck in the prison of your own mind has already cost you a great deal.  

So ask yourself:

Are you going to allow yourself to remain imprisoned by your excuses – or are you finally ready to break free?


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