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Hey badass:


There is nothing wrong with wanting more revenue for your business.

What’s wrong is the strategy you’ve been using to get it.

Are you watching competitors rapidly gobble up market share while your sales team struggles to land every new client?

Are you exhausted trying to find a simple, sensible and effective sales framework for your business that doesn’t rely on manipulative, coercive or ‘cheesy’ tactics?

Are you fed-up watching your sales team put prospects into their ‘pipeline’ and endlessly chasing them with follow-ups, but seeing too few of them actually convert into real paying clients?

Do you wish your business had access to a real axe-sharpening sales coach who could provide your sales team with the guidance, strategy and support that’s guaranteed to deliver greater results?

Are you done making excuses for your lack of revenue growth and ready to have a constant stream of new clients?

Yes?  Keep scrolling …

Your business doesn’t need more bs sales advice.

it needs an acceleration COACH.

Having a successful sales strategy is critical to the success of your business – and the difference between having a winning strategy and a losing one comes down to one simple thing:

“Do you have the right sales coach in your corner?”

Discover the Path to Consistent and Reliable Sales Results

make the journey to the 1%

The Revolution Selling Method means no more endlessly chasing prospects. No more pushy, manipulative tactics. No more wasting money on sales books and courses. 



We have a radically different approach to sales, rooted both in science and nearly 30 years of in-the-trenches experience that gives your sales team the tools they need for consistent results


Any high-powered sales strategy begins and ends in the mindset of the sales team. We will push your team to cultivate a champion’s mindset and shed the negative beliefs that have been holding them back


Many of our clients come to us with the goal of improving their sales results, but what they get is an epic transformation known to create incredible growth and success for their business


Establish your impact and your legacy by becoming the best version of yourself – and enhance your relationships, health and happiness in ways you never thought possible.

“High-achieving sales teams are not born.
They are made.
And we make them better. Guaranteed.”


– J Michael Tibor, CBSP, Founder

Revolution Selling


  • Selling with the calm, poise and razor-sharp focus of a zen monk – finally escaping the trap of negative mental chatter, nervousness, uncertainty and hesitation.
  • Moving through each selling situation with relaxed, effortless creativity – without ever needing to force results to happen or resorting to manipulative tactics to secure buyer commitments.
  • Closing a sale in just one single conversation at prices as high as $100,000 – even with prospects who never heard of you or your company before (the truth is stranger than fiction – nearly every sales professional who hears about this thinks there is no way this can be possible … until they do it for themselves and it blows their mind).
  • Being unshakeable in the face of difficulty – and have the ultra-rare ability to turn even the toughest sales challenges into explosive positive results.
  • Walking into every selling situation with the commanding presence of a samurai – free of trying to memorize cheesy, outdated ‘sales scripts’ or ‘pitches’ and instead simply being yourself and having honest no-bullshit conversations with your prospects – and close more sales faster and easier.
  • Winning more sales in a month than you currently do in a year – consistently, repeatedly, almost effortlessly – and secure deals with even the toughest of prospects in the harshest of market conditions.
  • Your prospects immediately seeing you as a Trusted Advisor – someone they can confide in to help solve their problems or help them achieve a specific objective – and never see you as just ‘another sales rep’ like all the others that call on them every day.
  • Abandoning the feast-and-famine unpredictability in your results – and replacing it with certainty, consistency and stability – reducing your stress levels and giving you much-needed peace of mind.

… and most importantly:


  • Experiencing the power that comes from selling with integrity – unleashing a blazing new level of confidence, discipline, and energy that positively impacts every part of your life.

These could be your reality in as little as 90 days

How is this possible?

Learn everything you need to know in this short video:

“Sales professionals like me tend to lead lonely lives in our pursuit of excellence – there is really nowhere we can go for strategic-level guidance from people who have actually “been there, done that” and have travelled the same road dealing with the same challenges.

I needed a place where I could get the kind of acceleration counsel I needed to help me reach my income goals – and then stay at that level. Revolution Selling delivered that for me.”

– Jack Wallins


Are you tired of settling for below-average results from your sales team?

these businesses did something about it.

what’s your excuse?

are you ready for your sales team to accelerate like this?


three ways to get up to speed:

Designed for businesses at every stage of growth


Courses of Action

Do it Yourself

Do you wish you could take a class that would really, truly change everything for you?

Specifically, a sprint course where the material changed everything you do as a sales professional …

That challenged you to go past your limitations to a whole new frontier of performance …

… and guaranteed results?

We’re Revolution Selling and we teach that course.

Join the thousands of sales professionals who created huge results in both their personal and professional lives.

We call it Live Sell and Prosper.


Cohort Membership

Revolution Selling Pros

Pros is our all-inclusive cohort membership that gives you the mindset, tools and implementation support needed for true acceleration.

Talking about success is for Instagram, LinkedIn or networking events.  Here in Pros, we’ll help you to turn words into committed action and results.

You’ll be supported by badass peers, work with experienced sales coaches, use battle-tested tools, and get support from our legendary member success team.

If you’ve participated in other sales membership programs, then get ready to be amazed:  Pros Membership is unlike anything you’ve tried before.


1:1 Private Coaching

Platinum Sales Coaching

Our signature one-on-one coaching is a bold, highly-exclusive program that pairs you directly with a Revolution Selling coach who will personally craft the ideal Revolution Selling Method framework for you, help you deploy it, and then keep you on the path to where you can make a contribution, change lives, leave a legacy, and have the freedom to create the exact life you want.

Make no mistake, this is the best sales coaching program in the world.  Why?  Because of the Revolution Selling Model.

This is an incredible opportunity reserved only for exceptional sales professional who are hell-bent on achieving the best.

Still thinking about it?

Sign up for Sales Accelerator and use some of our free advice to help you pick up the pace.

“I was looking for a place where I could specifically identify where and why my results were stuck – and then get the help I needed to move forward past my own limitations.  

Once I was introduced to Revolution Selling, everything changed. I was transformed. I grew. I felt like I finally woke up from a ‘sales nightmare’ that had plagued me for years. The tools they gave me addressed the key elements that were negatively impacting my performance. It has been a real game-changer.”

– Ellen Brower