Not every sales professional is ready for the kind of acceleration they can experience here.  Are YOU ready for the next level?


The biggest mistake most sales professionals make is assuming they can achieve massive and long-term success on their own. 

Is it difficult to consistently close new sales?

Do you find yourself routinely doing battle with prospects over the same objections over and over again?

Are you losing sleep, money, or even your sense of self?

Do you find most modern sales strategies focus on using questionable ‘tricks’ to manipulate people to say ‘yes’ that make you feel uncomfortable or even embarrassed? 

Is your future uncertain?

How much have you spent (wasted!) on books, trainings, courses and seminars throughout your career, and yet you still can’t achieve the level of success you truly want?

All of these are common problems plaguing most sales professionals.  And they can be fixed – once and for all.



The sales profession – as a whole – has been broken for many years, and fixing it has evolved from our project to our focus to our commitment to our obsession.  


The journey to the 1% is marked by success at work, in life and in the mirror.  These three are not at odds – they are intertwined.  Mastering them all is what makes success not just possible but exponential. 


Exponential success is marked by 10x. Achieving 10X is as simple as 10% better… but built on a platform of better mindset, tools and people around you. 10X is to success what Formula One is to driving.


Talking about unachieved success is for LinkedIn, Twitter and networking events – those who are achieving success don’t have the time (or the inclination) to discuss it on social media or at a cocktail party.


Any coaching or training company that hides pricing until you get on a call is hiding a lot of other things too.


There are few things more valuable than a kept promise – especially to yourself and those you care about.


There are way too many ‘coaching programs’ from self-proclaimed luxury-car-driving insecure gurus just looking for a cash-grab by charging outrageous prices for their ‘world-class’ programs while (not surprisingly) reluctant to guarantee anything.  

We believe in treating others how we would want to be treated, which is why we back everything we do with an ironclad 110% money-back guarantee. 


Excuses are for wimps, success isn’t for couch potatoes, and getting to the top doesn’t happen by being lazy. If you want hugs, get a dog.  If you want results, we’ll help you make it happen, we’ll do it together, and we’ll celebrate when we come through on the other side.

Our why

We are working to build a better world, one sales professional at a time.

Badasses like you have a blast radius of about 150-200 people:  Spouse, children, family, siblings, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and more.

When you get better, they do too.

When we achieve our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) of helping 10,000 Sales Professionals achieve their goals, it will mean we’ve positively impacted roughly 1,500,000 – 2,000,000 people.

And THAT will be a mission accomplished.


Do we get it right all the time?  Heck no.

But we get REAL close:

More than 1,800 sales professionals trained, coached and/or instructed in our methodology and strategies

97.6% graduation rate for the Academy

Over 800 people have added more than $50,000 to their personal income after participating in our programs

Over 500 have added more than $100,000

Over 200 have added more than $200,000

Over 70 have added more than $300,000

3 have added more than $500,000

Thousands of dinner tables attended on-time, vacations taken, children’s activities attended, promises kept, and much more

Tens of millions of dollars in generational wealth built

Thousands of ‘thank yous’ that still come in almost every day

the journey to the sales elite requires a hell yes

Ask yourself if our programs are right for you:


Are you done trying to find ‘short cuts’, had enough of doing things ‘half-ass’, and are ready, able and excited to invest the time, effort, and skin in the game into getting the best from your sales performance, your life and yourself – starting now?


Are you willing to take a new perspective, do ‘the work’, and get the occasional swift kick in the ass if you’re not living up to the success commitment you made to yourself?


Do you realize that a change in direction is urgently needed –  despite the time, effort and expense you have already put into your old methods that are no longer cultivating the results you want – and are prepared to let us help you by challenging your status quo and guiding you to the right solution?


Have you discussed the potential of joining this program with your partner or spouse – and are they just as excited as you are to take this journey with you?


Do you agree that honesty is the foundation of success, and that in order for you to achieve the level of success you truly want you must be not only be honest with us and but most importantly with yourself about where you are right now and where you want to go?

agree with all of the above?