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Revolution Consulting offers an exhilarating acceleration framework that fuels – and scales – sales teams.


10,000 hours creates a master.

255,000+ hours of coaching sales professionals creates a fail-safe, repeatable system to win


Our Revolution Consulting model remains consistent in its ability to deliver exceptional results for companies who are hell-bent on making their sales teams the best they can be.

prepare for impact

An open message from our Founder J Michael:

Have you asked yourself:  Why can’t I get my sales team to perform consistently? Why do I keep spending money on training programs that don’t provide lasting results?

I’m no stranger to the top:  I’ve built and managed dozens of sales teams, the largest consisting of 2,100 B2B financial sales agents in 48 states (and I did it in less than 32 months).

I’ve personally coached close to 2,000 sales professionals with my Revolution Selling methodology.

And I’ve personally been responsible for generating over a billion dollars in new sales revenue for both the companies and individuals I’ve either managed, coached or trained.

But I’m also no stranger to the bottom.  I’ve intimately known struggles both personally and professionally.  I’ve made countless stupid mistakes. I’ve ignored critical opportunities. And my ability to successfully help companies grow their sales results only came after decades of hard, determined work.

I tackled work, life and myself in what I call the ‘very hard and super-slow’ way. Now my mission is to share the better, faster, easier and very proven way with sales professionals and companies just like yours.

Business leaders like you rarely see their sales teams accelerate into another gear (and there are other gears) without paradigm-shifting collisions, earth-shattering moments, and plenty of moments that challenge your comfort zone … and working with a focused sales coach who has already been where you are right now and has made the same climb you want to make.

I call this the ‘lumberjack syndrome’: You’re furiously chopping more wood in the forest than any other lumberjack.  But your ax is dull. Abraham Lincoln said, “If I only had an hour to chop down a tree, I would spend the first 45 minutes sharpening my ax.”

I have the ax sharpener.  I can help your sales team sense what they can achieve – which is probably more than you can ever imagine – and develop a path to that new level. I can give your team the tools to accelerate down that path. And then I can support them on that journey until you get your company where you want it to be.

It’s my job, mission and honor to help you understand that world-class consulting like mine will create lifelong changes in how you and your business approach sales.


All consulting clients receive a fully curated, exclusive and supported journey to transforming their company’s sales results


Re-structure your company’s sales methodology so it can reliably provide the results, profits and impact you desire – and deserve.


Accelerate your team’s performance with relentless support from proven coaches, accountability partners, and our legendary Client Success Team.


Our acceleration framework, battle-tested tools and integrity-based strategies support lasting performance, peace of mind and stability.

how it works

one hour consulting call

Don’t worry – we don’t do “pseudo consulting” calls that are just scripted ‘pitches’, we never try to sell you on anything, and we don’t know any Jedi mind tricks.

Blatant sales tactics under the guise of discussing your interest in working with us has no business on any call we have together (and trust us, this goes both ways!).  

This call will be a free deep-dive, hardworking jet-fueled session that will accomplish two things:

1.  Give you a taste of what you can expect if you become a consulting client; and

2.  Helps both you and us decide if you’re truly ready to become one.

Most business leaders have never met (let alone spoken with) a real ax-sharpening sales coach – nor have their sales teams ever been transformatively coached at all. So expect to be challenged and accelerated.

By the conclusion of the call, the value of working with us will be self-evident for companies who are looking for a proven solution to boosting their sales results.

Pre-Flight Checklist

The most essential step in helping  you achieve your company’s sales goals consistently, predictably and consistently is to be crystal clear on your current state of readiness to achieve them (you can’t start a journey without first knowing precisely where you are starting from).

A critical step before starting any consulting engagement is first getting clear on the objectives and goals you are seeking (both personally and professionally) along with how far are you from achieving them, so we can identify the requirements in time, effort and resources to bridge the gap between them.

Then we will address the other elements in the recipe:  What precisely are your company’s current abilities to cultivate opportunities?  What is the current state of your entire sales methodology?  What is your management team’s existing belief system regarding professional selling as a whole?  What challenges is your company currently having that are impacting (both positively and negatively) your sales team’s performance?

Once we have crystal clear GPS coordinates of your current internal situations, we then can properly craft the most logical – and direct – path to getting your company to your desired destination.

throttle up and take-off

Now we put the plan into action, properly manage it’s deployment and provide consistent accountability to ensure achievement.

This is about acceleration, so how fast you company travels depends on how much time and dedicated effort you and your team invest. 

One thing we know for sure: If you feel like you or your team are too busy to do the work, that’s the exact reason why you should be doing it. Nothing clears the runway like focusing on the RIGHT things, not just the things demanding your immediate attention.

How long we work together (and the amount of your investment) depends entirely on the plan we create together for you.

Our  job is to help you remove as many hidden friction points as possible along your company’s goal achievement process – and there will be critical points when ‘micro-adjustments’ will be needed to control the acceleration (we want to avoid the risk of stalling your team’s progress by going too fast too soon) and rudder adjustments if/when you veer off course (because life happens).

Getting started is easy

All qualified potential Revolution Consulting clients are invited to a complimentary 60-min consulting call directly with our founder J Michael.  Experience the support, value, advice, and (if needed) swift kick in the pants we offer to every Revolution Consulting Client – even if you never become one.

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