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The journey to the top starts here

An open message from our Founder J Michael:

Have you asked yourself:  Who am I?  What am I capable of? Is this all there is?  And if not, how do I get more?

I’m no stranger to the top:  I’ve built and managed dozens of sales teams, the largest consisting of 2,100 B2B financial sales agents in 48 states (and did it in just under 32 months).

I’ve personally coached close to 2,000 sales professionals in my Revolution Selling methodology.

And I’ve personally be responsible for generating over a billion dollars in new sales revenue for both the companies and individuals I’ve either managed, coached or trained.

But I’m also no stranger to the bottom.  I’ve intimately known struggles both personally and professionally.  I’ve made countless stupid mistakes. I’ve ignored critical opportunities. And I was such a workaholic for so many years I missed key milestones in the lives of my family.

tackled work, life and myself in what I call the ‘very hard and super-slow’ way.

Now my mission is to share the better, faster, easier and very proven way with 10,000 badass sales professionals like you.

I consider arriving at the Success Summit to be the pinnacle of your human experience. It’s where your professional success merges seamlessly with personal happiness, self-esteem, and the self-actualization that comes from a life well-lived.

Badasses like you rarely accelerate into another gear (and there are other gears) without paradigm-shifting collisions, earth-shattering moments, getting out of your comfort zone … and working with a badass coach who has already been where you are right now and has made the same climb you want to make.

I call this the ‘lumberjack syndrome’: You’re furiously chopping more wood in the forest than any other lumberjack.  But your ax is dull. Abraham Lincoln said, “If I only had an hour to chop down a tree, I would spend the first 45 minutes sharpening my ax.”

I have the ax sharpener.  I can help you sense what you can achieve – which is probably more than you can ever imagine – and develop a path to that new level. I can give you the tools to accelerate down that path. And then I can support you on that journey until you get to your own personal summit.

It’s my job, mission and honor to help you understand that world-class coaching like mine will create lifelong changes in how you accelerate at work, at life and your inner self – all at the same time.

10,000 hours creates a master.

200,000+ hours of coaching sales professionals creates a fail-safe, repeatable system to win


Our VIP 1:1 Coaching model remains consistent in its ability to deliver life-changing results for sales professionals who are hell-bent on being the best versions of themselves. 


All VIP Coaching clients receive a 1:1 fully curated and supported journey to achieving complete mastery of both their personal and professsional lives


Structure your sales methodology to reliably provide the results, financial rewards, fulfillment, and impact you desire – and deserve.


Prioritize and nurture both the personal and professional relationships that inspire, support, and free you to bring your best to every opportunity.


Create the best version of yourself – a picture of confidence, peace of mind, financial leadership, respect, and radical performance.

how it works

one hour coaching call

Don’t worry – I don’t do “pseudo coaching” calls that just scripted ‘pitches’, I never try to sell you on anything, and I don’t know any Jedi mind tricks. 

Blatant sales tactics under the guise of discussing your interest in this 1:1 coaching program has no business on any call we have together (and trust us, this goes both ways!).  

This call is a free deep-dive, hardworking jet-fueled coaching session (and yes, you have to qualify) that will give you a taste of what you can expect when you become a coaching client and help us both decide if you’re truly ready to become a VIP Coaching client.

Most sales professionals have never met (let alone spoken with) an ax-sharpening sales coach – nor have they ever been transformatively coached at all.  So expect to be challenged and accelerated.

By the conclusion of the call, the value of this program will be self-evident for the right badass at the right time in their life looking for the right thing. Most say this is an exhilarating, breathtaking, astonishing hour.

Pre-Flight Checklist

The most essential step in achieving your success goals consistently, predictably and consistently is to be crystal clear on your current state of readiness to achieve them (you can’t start a journey without first knowing precisely where you are starting from).

A critical step before starting any coaching program is first getting clear on the objectives and goals you are seeking (both personally and professionally) along with how far are you from achieving them, so both you and I can identify the requirements in time, effort and resources to bridge the gap between them.

Then we will address the other elements in the recipe:  What precisely are your current abilities in all areas of your life?  What is the current state of your complete sales methodology?  What is your existing belief system regarding professional selling as a whole?  What challenges are you dealing with at work and at home that are impacting (both positively and negatively) your performance?

Once we have crystal clear GPS coordinates of your current life and work situations, we then can properly craft the most logical – and direct – path to your desired destination.

throttle up and take-off

Now we put the plan into action, properly manage it’s deployment and provide consistent accountability to ensure achievement.

This is about acceleration, so how fast you travel depends on how much time and dedicated effort you invest. Generally, you can expect to spend an average of 8-10 hours per month on core content, coaching sessions and implementation. That’s essentially one day a month in exchange for potentially shaving years off your success achievement timeline.

One thing I know for sure: If you feel like you’re too busy to do the work, it’s the exact reason why you should be doing it. Nothing clears the runway like focusing on the RIGHT things, not just the things demanding your immediate attention.

My job is to help you remove as many hidden friction points as possible along your goal achievement process – and there will be critical points when ‘micro-adjustments’ will be needed to control the acceleration (we want to avoid the risk of stalling your progress by going too fast too soon) and rudder adjustments if/when you veer off course (because life happens).


 Here’s what it takes to qualify for the Certification program:


To experience the kind of acceleration we deliver here, it’s important that you are not starting from scratch; you must have both a firm understanding of sales fundamentals and possess a solid professional work ethic.

Have you spent a minimum of the last five years in a professional sales role where the vast majority of your income is directly determined by your ability to secure new clients/customers?


Success isn’t a passive hobby for you – it’s something you have made a blood-pact with yourself to achieve. And we’re not just talking about financial success, but the success that comes from having healthy relationships, life-work balance and personal satisfaction.

Do you seek (and see the immense value in) an intensive coaching program that understands where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to go?


Quick fixes and short cuts never produce long term success, which is why the VIP coaching program only works with people who are willing to play the long game to create their best life of purpose, productivity and prosperity.

And such a powerful program demands an appropriate investment in time, effort, and skin in the game.

Are you ready, able, and excited to invest the time, effort, and skin in the game (aka money) into getting the best from your sales performance, your life, and yourself – starting now?


Consistently, predictably and repeatedly producing excellence requires embracing sound council.  Top achievers don’t work with coaches for appearances – they do it because they want, listen to and take their advice.

Are you willing to take a new perspective, do “the work”, and are not thin-skinned or afraid to get an occasional swift kick in the ass if you’re not living up to the commitment you’ve made to yourself?


If you are going to participate in a coaching program of this caliber, you can’t go half-ass – you must be all in, and that starts with having support at home.

Have you discussed the potential of participating in this program with your partner or spouse – and are they just as excited to take this journey with you?


All qualified Revolution Selling VIP Coaching applicants receive a complimentary 60-min pre-enrollment coaching call directly with J Michael. Experience the support, value, advice, and (if needed) swift kick in the pants we offer to every VIP Coaching Client – even if you never become one.

Our Story

Revolution Selling is a coaching and training accelerator created by J Michael Tibor CBSP for sales professionals, consultants, and professional service providers who want to perform at the elite 1% – the apex of where financial freedom meets happiness, esteem, fulfillment and impact.  Meet J Michael here.

We support that journey – the mastery of craft, life, and self – with battle-tested tools, world-class coaching, support from badass coaches, and proven strategies created on the foundation that sales should be about collaboration, not coercion.

Our programs are very selective. We are not for everyone—and not everyone gets in. What we do together isn’t easy nor for the faint of heart. But the results are an exhilarating return on investment.


Our 'why'

We are building a better world, one sales professional at a time.

Badasses like you have a blast radius of about 150 people:  Spouse, children, family, siblings, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and more.

When you get better, they do too.

When we achieve our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) of helping 10,000 Sales Professionals achieve their goals, it will mean we’ve positively impacted roughly 1,500,000 people.

THAT will be a mission accomplished.


Our Bold Beliefs

We believe…
The sales profession as a whole has been broken for many years, and it’s only being made worse by faux-gurus peddling magi-bullet solutions.  Therefore, we see fixing this to be an important key to building a better world for everyone.

We believe…
The journey to the top is marked by success at work, in life, and in the mirror. These aren’t at odds – they are intertwined, congruent and interdependent. Mastering all of them is what defines true and lasting success.

We believe…
Talk is cheap. Talking about success is for LinkedIn, Twitter and cocktail parties. Those who really want the journey to the top aren’t wasting their time talking about it – they are taking committed action to making it happen.

We believe…
A lone wolf never becomes leader of the pack.  Climbers never reach the summit of Everest without Sherpas. Formula One drivers cannot complete a race without their pit crew.

And any true sales professional who genuiely wants to get to the top knows they cannot get there alone.

We believe…
Excuses are for wimps. Champions are not made in a daycare center – they are made on the battlefield. Success requires grit, tenacity and ferocious self-dedication.

If you want a hug, go get a dog.  If you want results, you need to buckle down and buckle up.

Our track record

More than 1,800 sales professionals trained, coached and/or instructed in our methodology and strategies

Over 800 sales professionals have added more than $50,000 to their personal income in the first year

Over 200 have added more than $100,000

Over 70 have added more than $200,000

Over 40 have added more than $300,000

3 have added more than $500,000

Thousands of dinner tables attended on-time, vacations taken, children’s activities attended, promises kept, and much more

Tens of millions of dollars in generational wealth built

Thousands of ‘thank yous’ that still come in daily

How much do I invest?

This entirely depends on the level of acceleration you want – all VIP Coaching engagements are custom-developed to accommodate each individual client’s needs and objectives. 

As a baseline average, most VIP Coaching clients devote a minimum of 8-10 hours per month to the VIP Coaching acceleration program, but keep in mind this can (and likely will) vary depending on what your objectives will be.

This also entirely depends on what plan we develop for you.  

As a baseline, applicants should at a mimimum have the resources to support at least a $10,000 investment in order to participate in the VIP Coaching program.

We expect you to make progress – to show up, do the work, and get results. Feedback will be constant, unfiltered, and unvarnished.

How long is the program?

We’ve designed our VIP Coaching program to scale with you, tailored to your goals.

That said, we’re here as long as you need us.

Most VIP Coaching clients complete our core transformation curriculum in about 9 months, and then continue to benefit from ongoing support coaching as Alumni for 6-12 months afterward.

And even if we part ways, our esteemed VIP Alumni are always welcome to join us at any of our events, workshops, and to come back anytime.


Have you ever seen a climber reach the summit of Mt. Everest by themself?

How about a Formula One driver win a race without a pit crew?

All great athletes, business leaders, and top performers in EVERY field of endeavor know that they can’t achieve success alone. They need to be motivated, they need a coach or a mentor to support them, and almost always their most powerful inspirations come from that person.

A true coach is an essential part of lasting success because a coach helps you focus, sets goals, holds you accountable and keeps you going when you want to give up.

Can you get to the top by yourself?  Maybe. But the journey will be long, difficult and full of obstacles that are very likely to prevent reaching your destination. Working with a sales coach can help minimize those obstacles, shorten your success curve and make the journey a hell of a lot easier.

Do you ever see someone fail?


As much as we hate to see it happen, there are occasions (rare, but they do happen) where someone simply doesn’t do the work, they look for the shortcuts, or they simply are unable (or unwilling) to accept the fact they don’t have all the answers.

Those people have a hard time in life, and a hard time as VIP Coaching clients.

Success doesn’t come in a bottle – it takes ongoing effort and support.  You can’t just ‘order’ it and have it in your hands instantly.

Part of the reason we pre-screen VIP Coaching clients so aggressively is so we don’t waste anyone’s time who is just out searching for a quick-fix.



Are there financing options available?

Yes – while we aren’t a bank, we understand that financial commitments like this can sometimes be more palatable if they are broken into more digestible segments (either for tax purposes or because you may need to shuffle some other obligations).

If you are accepted for the VIP Coaching program, we will gladly arrange financing options for you that are suitable for your situation.

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