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There is nothing wrong with wanting more for your performance, your income and your life.

What’s wrong is the path you’re taking to get it.

 Do you have specific challenges preventing you from getting to the next level?

Are you tired of getting 10% results for 110% of the effort?

Do you ever feel that most sales tactics don’t align with your personality?

Are your finances, relationships, health and peace of mind not making the grade?

Have you tried other sales training or coaching programs and were disappointed with the lack of support, accountability and progress?

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You don’t need more bs sales advice.

You need an acceleration COACH.

Sales is an elite sport – and the difference between winning and losing comes down to one simple thing: “Do you have the right coach in your corner?”

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Revolution Selling™ is where select high-impact sales professionals get what they need to build breathtaking results, exhilirating lives and legendary impact – NOW.



We have a radically different approach to sales coaching that’s rooted in both proven science and nearly 30 years of real-world hands-on experience


No rusty ‘goal sheets’ here: Our battle-tested tools create performance rhythms and cultivate a winning mindset that make greater results inevitable

better coaching

Experience life-changing acceleration as we push you to shed the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving the success you want

Sales professionals on five continents call us the ‘navy seals’ of sales coaching


Because outstanding results start with a change of pace – and perspective

If you’re thinking: “All this sounds great, but I‘ve seen plenty of other sales training companies make bold claims. What’s so special about you guys? What will I get here that I can’t get anywhere else?”

Let’s be very clear:  Comparing what we do to ‘sales training’ is like comparing Secretariat to Tony the Pony; a Ferrari with a Vespa Scooter; a SR-71 Blackbird with a hang glider.

We are high-caliber transformation experts who have scientifically mastered an extremely effective method of helping sales professionals achieve greater success both personally and professionally by aligning your sales process and strategy to your personality and character.

The result?  You win more sales, you win better sales, and you do it without ever using a coercive, manipulative or high-pressure tactic.

This is the real deal. This is what works. In fact, we guarantee it. 

You’re either excited or you’re scared. Either way, this is the place to be if you finally want to stop talking about becoming a sales champion and are ready to do it in a way that actually makes sense.

You already know success in sales can be tough. We’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be.

It’s our mission, privilege and honor to help you understand that world-class sales acceleration coaching like ours delivers an exhilarating, breathtaking and astonishing value that will last a lifetime.

Ready to turn your success plan into an action plan?

“High-achieving sales professionals are not born.
They are made.
And we make them better. Guaranteed.”


– J Michael Tibor, CBSP, Founder

Revolution Selling


  • Having a sales process that flows naturally – without ever needing to force anyone into making a buying decision or resorting to using outdated, manipulative, coercive or high-pressure tactics to secure a buyer’s commitment.
  • Closing a sale – even at prices as high as $100,000 – in just one conversation, by phone or in person, even if the prospect has never heard of you or your company before (yes, we realize that right now this may sound both ridiculous and impossible – but when you see it for yourself, you’ll wonder why no one ever showed this to you before).
  • Making yourself unshakeable in the face of difficulty – and giving yourself the ultra-rare ability to turn even the toughest sales challenges into explosive positive results.
  • Converting new sales so consistently that you can forecast, with near absolute certainty, precisely what your results and income will be every week, month, quarter and year – eliminating the feast-and-famine unpredictability in your income and replacing it with certainty and stability (this will reduce your stress level and give you much-needed peace of mind – maybe for the first time in your career).
  • Walking into every selling situation with the commanding presence of a master samurai – because you know how to properly frame a sales conversation that diffuses most buyer objections up front, without having to memorize some cheesy ‘sales script’ or relying on a bunch of manipulative ‘objection handling tactics’ (this alone could be a game-changer for you).
  • Prospects immediately seeing you as a Trusted Advisor – someone they can confide in to help solve their problems – instead of just seeing you as another ‘sales rep’ (your competitors – and colleagues- will be green with envy).
  • Getting off the hamster wheel of endlessly chasing your prospects with ‘follow-ups’ like you are some kind of deranged stalker and instead having your prospects chase YOU (sound too good to be true? It’s too good to be false).
  • Increasing your performance (and income) while properly managing the pace of your life – so your demanding schedule no longer owns you and you get the time to pick up your old favorite activities, hobbies or to spend more time with your family.

… and perhaps most importantly:


  • Selling with ALIGNMENT – experiencing the incredible power and peace of mind that comes from selling with integrity by collaborating with your prospects instead of manipulating them – and unleash a blazing new level of self-confidence, joy and energy in your sales career in ways that you may not have ever experienced before.

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How is this Possible?

Learn everything you need to know to get started creating this life for yourself in this free 17-minute training:

“Sales professionals like me tend to lead lonely lives in our pursuit of excellence – there is really nowhere we can go for strategic-level guidance without being told I just needed better or more clever closing techniques or trying to get me to use some canned script.

I needed a place where I could get the kind of REAL acceleration counsel I needed to help me reach my income goals – and then stay at that level. I needed something that transcends just tactics. I needed something that would’t just teach me, but would transform me.

Revolution Selling delivered all that for me.”

– Jack Wallins

Tired of settling for average and not achieving your full potential?

these people did something about it.

what’s holding YOU back?

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Give us just 90 days, we’ll give you the results you didn’t think were possible

Our program helps you focus on the 10% of things that will yield 90% of the results, so you can transform your performance in a lot less time with a lot less effort.

We’ll keep you accountable, help you build and maintain an elite sales ‘battle rhythm’, and make sure you maintain a champion’s mindset at all times – allowing you to perform at the highest level.

The only thing holding you back from success is you.

“I was looking for a place where I could specifically identify where and why my results were stuck – and then get the help I needed to move forward past my own limitations.

Once I was introduced to Revolution Selling, everything changed. I was transformed. I grew. I felt like I finally woke up from a ‘sales nightmare’ that had plagued me for years. The tools they gave me addressed the key elements that were negatively impacting my performance, and their coaching supported me to bust past my self-imposed limitations (THAT was enlightening!) so that now I’m operating at a whole new level.  It has been a real game-changer.”

– Ellen Brower