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Revolution Selling is the ultimate express elevator for sales professionals who want a fully-supported path to rapidly achieving their full potential




There is nothing wrong with wanting to become an elite sales professional.

What’s wrong is the strategy you’ve been using to achieve it.

Are you watching other sales professionals rapidly gobble up new wins while you struggle just to land every new client?

Are you exhausted trying to find a simple, sensible and effective sales framework that doesn’t rely on manipulation, coerion or ‘cheesy’ tactics?

Are you fed-up putting prospects into your ‘pipeline’ and endlessly chasing them with follow-ups, only to ultimately see most of them not buy?

Do you wish you had access to a real axe-sharpening sales coach who could provide you with the guidance, strategy and support guaranteed to drive you to achieve greater results?

Are you done making excuses for your lack of progress and ready to do what it takes to become the sales champion you’ve always wanted to be?

Yes? Keep scrolling …

“One of the biggest mistakes sales professionals make is assuming they can achieve their income goals by using old, antiquated sales tactics.  We make sales professionals exponentially more productive by providing them with proven sales strategies and tools that help them achieve they results they want faster.


This is how sales professionals compete, grow and succeed in today’s world.”



– J Michael Tibor, CBSP, Founder

Revolution Selling

you don’t need more sales advice.

you need an acceleration coach.

Sales is an elite sport. The difference between winning and losing at the highest levels comes down to one simple thing: “Do you have the right coach in your corner?”



Sales professionals have been able to confidently grow their results and incomes using our tools and framework. 


What most sales professionals believe can’t be done to grow their results – we have proven thousands of times that it CAN.


Exhilarating change and lasting growth happen when you have the right sales methodology properly and effectively dialed in.

top sales professionals call us the ‘navy seals’ of sales coaching. why?

Because outstanding results start with a change of pace – and perspective

We specialize in helping sales professionals improve their strategy, cultivate greater and more consistent results, and establish themselves as performance leaders.

But we are not a typical ‘sales training’ firm. 

Most sales training companies tend to focus on teaching techniques or ‘tactics’. Not surprisingly, most sales professionals who invest in those kinds of programs rarely see tangible or lasting results.

Why?  Because achieving real sustainable sales success relies on having the right mindset, the right balance, and the right framework.

Without those three key elements in place, even the greatest sales tactics in the world will never get you to the top.

Sales professionals around the world have told us we’ve helped save their careers, health, and even their marriages.

That’s because what we do here is completely different than anything else they have experienced.

Our approach – the mastery of sales, life and self – is supported by battle-tested tools, world-class coaching, obsessive support and a finely-tuned strategy framework that makes selling focused on collaboration, not coercion.

Championship behavior leads to championship results. If you’re a sales professional who wants an epic transformation and achieve breathtaking results, create an exceptional life, and reach your peak performance right now

… then this is your home.


Traditional sales strategies have been outdated for years.

And it has been made worse by countless ‘sales training’ companies all peddling whitewashed versions of the same outdated tactics.

We are determined to stand above that noise by being a haven for sales professionals who want genuine, honest help improving their results and building balance in their lives, without using methods that rely on coercion.

This is how sales SHOULD be.

our track record

1,800+ sales professionals trained, coached, instructed and supported.

96.8% client satisfaction rate.

Over half a billion dollars in new sales revenues generated by the people who use our tools and methodology.

Thousands of happy, excited and fulfilled business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals on four continents.

Countless dinner tables attended on-time, vacations enjoyed, relationships strengthened, children’s activities enjoyed, goals achieved, promises kept, and more.

our why

We are striving to build a better world, one sales professional at a time.

Sales pros like you have a blast radius of about 150 people:

Spouses, family, friends, and more.

When we achieve our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) of helping 10,000 sales pros achieve their revenue and growth goals, we know that means more than 1,500,000 individuals, families, and the world-at-large will have been positively impacted by our work.

That will be mission accomplished.

“I was looking for a place where I could specifically identify where and why my results were stuck – and then get the help I needed to move forward past my own limitations.

Once I was introduced to Revolution Selling, everything changed. I was transformed. I grew. I felt like I finally woke up from a ‘sales nightmare’ that had plagued me for years. They addressed the key elements that were negatively impacting my performance. 

Now I close more sales in a month than I used to close nearly all year – no more endless chasing prospects, no pressure tactics, no more haphazard sales projections.

– Ellen Brower



  • Selling with the calm, poise and razor-sharp focus of a zen monk – finally escaping the trap of negative mental chatter, nervousness, uncertainty and hesitation.
  • Moving through each selling situation with relaxed, effortless creativity – without ever needing to force results to happen or resorting to manipulative tactics to secure buyer commitments.
  • Closing a sale in just one single conversation, at prices as high as $100,000 – even with prospects who never heard of you or your company before your first conversation (truth is stranger than fiction – nearly everyone we show this to at first can’t believe this will work – until they try it and it blows their mind).
  • Being unshakeable in the face of difficulty – and have the ultra-rare ability to turn even the toughest sales challenges into explosive positive results.
  • Walking into every selling situation with the commanding presence of a samurai – free of relying on cheesy, outdated ‘sales scripts’ or ‘pitches’ and instead simply being yourself and having honest no-bullshit conversations with your prospects.
  • Winning more sales in a month than you currently do in a year – consistently, repeatedly, almost effortlessly – and secure deals with even the toughest of prospects in the harshest of market conditions.
  • Your prospects immediately seeing you as a Trusted Advisor – someone they can confide in to help solve their problems or help them achieve specific objectives – and not see you as just ‘another sales rep’ like all the others they talk to every day.
  • Abandoning the feast-and-famine unpredictability in your results – and replacing it with certainty, consistency and stability, reducing your stress levels and giving you much-needed peace of mind.

… and most importantly:


  • Experiencing the power that comes from selling with integrity – unleashing a blazing new level of confidence, discipline, and energy that positively impacts every part of your life.

you can have all this in just 90 days

How is this possible?

See for yourself:

Are you tired of settling for average and not achieving your full potential?


Kevin Kinsey

Client Since 2022

Revolution Selling changed me in ways that I didn’t expect and put me on a more rewarding path to more consistent earnings, and they did it a heck of a lot faster than I had anticipated.”

Dan Hansell

Client Since 2020

What became very clear to me right away was how much I didn’t know about what was holding back my growth. It was like getting hit in the head with a brick. For me, working with Revolution Selling has been amazing. These guys are the real deal.”

Jenna Vinson

Client Since 2019

Revolution Selling is a beautiful blend of meat, coaching, and support. They have a great program that helped me deploy a more effective method of selling my services that has nearly doubled my income in less than a year. No one else does what these guys do.”

Norm Gonzalez

Client Since 2022

I wanted someone to help me restructure my entire sales approach, not just give me a bunch of ‘closing scripts’. I had what I thought were some pretty decent performance numbers, but after I worked with Revolution Sellingit was like someone turned on the afterburners.

Todd Chasteen

Client Since 2021

“The thing is, I didn’t know what I didn’t know – I just assumed that my sales process was as it should be, and that my conversion numbers were in line with industry norms. Now I’m breaking sales records every month – ridiculous!

Catherine Foust

Client Since 2020

I would recommend Revolution Selling to any salesperson who is genuinely interested in having the peace of mind that comes from closing sales like clockwork without being pushy. Best decision you’ll ever make.

Derrick Mayo

Client Since 2018

“Revolution Selling has been the biggest ROI and best professional decision I’ve made in years. Thank you to the Revolution Selling team for guiding me to my greatest year ever. I will forever be grateful.”

Mary Guerra

Client Since 2020

“Revolution Selling has been an incredible program that has changed the way I structured and manage my sales methodology. I’ve experienced outstanding results and highly recommend it.

Are you ready to accelerate like this?

It’s time you got serious about getting serious.

Give us 90 days and we’ll give you the results you didn’t think were possible

We help keep you accountable, help you build and maintain your battle rhythm, and ensure you maintain a champion’s mindset at all times, allowing you to perform at the highest levels of sales success.

The only thing holding you back is you.

“Sales professionals like me tend to lead lonely lives in our pursuit of excellence – there is really nowhere we can go for strategic-level guidance from people who have actually been there and have travelled the same road and dealt with the same challenges.

I needed a place where I could get the kind of counsel I needed to better grapple with my sales struggles – not just to fix them, but to prevent them from happening again in the future.

Revolution Selling delivered that for me.”

– Jack Wallins