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Derrick Mayo

Financial Services

A lot of people (myself included) tend to think that they can achieve success on their own. That they can be self-taught. That the fastest and easiest way is to just watch someone else who is successful and pattern after what they do.

But that’s like saying you can learn to be a fighter pilot by watching YouTube videos or watching another figher pilot and just mimic what he’s doing. You might figure it out, but you’ll either take forever or die trying (sooner than you think).

Dan Hansell


“What became very clear to me right away was how much I didn’t know about what was holding back my income growth. It was like getting hit in the head with a brick.  

For me, working with Revolution Selling has been amazing. These guys are the real deal.”

Norman Gonzalez

Financial Services

“I wanted someone to help me restructure my entire approach, not just give me some  ‘closing scripts’. I had what I thought were some pretty decent performance numbers  – but it was like night and day after I worked with Revolution Selling – they showed us everything I was missing in my old process and a simple way to fix all of it.

I just feel better now, knowing that I have a very simple sales strategy that I can rely on to keep performing at my best.”

Jenna Vinson

Payment Processing

“Revolution Selling is a beautiful blend of meat, coaching, and support. It’s a great program that has helped me understand and deploy a more effective method of selling my services that has nearly doubled my personal income while drastically reducing the fiction points in my sales process.

There’s no one else that does what they do and how they do it.

Cathy Foust


For me, the Accelerator has become like oxygen. It has breathed new life into what was already there, as well as provided the confidence for me to try new things I was too intimidated to do before.

Just being in the same setting and listening to others share their challenges, you get a level of vulnerability and acceleration that you just can’t get anywhere else. You can’t sugar-coat this stuff – you have to get is straight and unfiltered from the source.”

Andy Grant


“You gave me freedom! I am winning more clients now because I am selling smarter. I have a much lower stress level because I can predict with reasonable certainty what my booked sales ratio is going to be each month (something I could never have done before).

I have a greater and more steady income stream and a stronger conversion level because I’m not winning or loosing sales based on price anymore – I actually am winning more new clients at prices higher than my competitors, which just sounds bizarre unless you have the knowledge of why customers buy in the first place (thank you Revolution Selling lol).

I have more respect for how I sell now, and that has translated into having both more and better performance. Finally, finally, FINALLY I found a sales methodology that doesn’t make me feel grimy.”

Hugh Johnson

Energy Solutions

I cannot thank the team at Revolution Selling enough for how much I’ve learned and how far they have taken me.

My biggest issue was putting prospects through a long multi-step sales process that I thought was pre-qualifying them, but it turned out I was simply adding friction layers my prospects found annoying – I was loosing as much as 25% of my potential sales because of those friction points.

Now I have streamlined my sales process and I get buying commitments from prospects – even cold ones – in just 1, sometimes 2 conversations (to give some context, it used to take an average of 8 separate conversations for me to close a new prospect). My reduced pursuit cycle converts viable prospects in a fraction of the time, and that has cut my sales cycle time by nearly 68%. I now literally close more sales in a month than I used to close in an entire quarter (not kidding) – my income has gone through the roof.

And I’m doing it without any pressure; I’ve had some prospects actually thank me (!) for selling them a solution because they felt I was ‘guiding them to a smart decision’. What the hell! I’ve never had anyone tell me this before; now I walk into selling situations feeling 100 feet tall, knowing no one else can come close to matching my positioning.”

Josh Lewis

Medical Equipment

“I had mixed feelings at first so I was pretty resistant but I followed the program to the letter – and here I am now, taking prospects from introduction to booked sale in less than 5 business days vs. the 12-15 weeks it used to take me before.

This is the most important part for me: I was ready to give up on sales in general. I was burnt out, frustrated. I’m very grateful these guys stuck with me and didn’t give up on me when I was ready to give up on myself.”

Tom Lee


“Before Revolution Selling, I had no real pipeline (Well that’s not exactly accurate – I DID have a pipeline but it was mostly bullshit prospects with near zero buying potential). I was all over the place with no real gameplan on how I was going to reach my growth targets.

Since I began working with them, my results have generated over 1000x ROI for the Accelerator – and climbing.

Bill Hester

Industrial Supply

“The type of people that gravitate towards Revolution Selling are highly motivated, talented and driven people that want to succeed. At least that has been my experience working with them.

Surrounding yourself with these kinds of people will only make you better.

My philosophy throughout my career has been I’m humble enough to know I don’t know everything. I’m constantly looking for ways to grow and to seek out more. When I looked at Revolution Selling, I said, these guys look bold, these guys looks different – so why wait? There’s no reason to wait. I needed to get in. I needed a shift. And I’m damn glad I did.

It’s not about tactics. It was about being coached properly. I had all the tactics I could handle. I wanted someone to guide me, push me, even slap me if I needed it. Revolution Selling delivered.”

Russell Vincent

Shipping and Transportation

The conventional way of selling was putting me head to head with aggressive competitors that continued to undercut my pricing, so the only way I was winning new clients was through timed pricing windows and incentives. 

I tried so many programs to fix this but to no avail. I came across Revolution Selling and it sounded different. The results I’ve achieved have changed my life and relationships; thank GOD this wasn’t just another ‘tactics’ program.

Annette Curtsinger

International Finance

“What you have put together is quite incredible. It is not a “course” by any stretch of the term; it’s more of a life-changing event to be frank.

It has given me all the elements (the tools and also the mindset) to properly scale my results (see: more income) in a way that makes me feel good about myself. In just three months (which went really fast) I transformed from confused, aimless and worried to clear, focused and confident.  

Your program has earned my highest recommendation.”

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Mary Guerra


“Revolution Selling has been an incredible program that has changed the way I structured and manage my sales methodology. Highly recommended!”

James Block

Automotive Services

“You guys are awesome. I now go into every selling situation like a matador walking into the ring with mustard on my sword. I have crushed every income, performance and milestone goal I had for myself in 2022 as a direct result of your program. Here comes 2023 and I’m in beast mode.”

Martin Blevins

HVAC and Energy Solutions

“It’s been 142 days since I completed the accelerator program. I’ve won more new deals in these 142 days than I did all last YEAR. I’m a machine. I’m a Jedi. I’m unstoppable. I’m HAPPY. I’m fulfilled. I’m FREE.

I was a staunch non-believer in sales coaching – you turned me into a true believer.”

William Copland


“The sales strategies that Revolution Selling gave me has provided me with the exact framework I needed to design and build a client delivery system that matched my vision.

Their support is outstanding and the resources available for scaling growth are unparalleled.

My work with them has been well worth the investment.

Christine Maloney

Health and Wellness

Investing in the Revolution Selling Accelerator changed the way I’ve been able to show up in my life. As cliche as that may sound, I was overwhelmed with life; not spending time with my young children, working WAY too many stressful hours and still barely able to keep above quota, stressing out over prospects languishing in my ‘nurture’ pipeline.

The Accelerator gave me freedom, autonomy, and an entirely different income level … not to mention more (and better) sleep. I can finally say I am now FREE, independent, and I’ve purged myself of cheesy tactics and high-pressure nonsense.

Calvin Anthony


“Before the Accelerator, I had reached the point where I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Everywhere I looked there were gurus patting themselves on the back for coming up with new twists on the same high-pressure methods. I needed a breakthrough and it wasn’t going to happen if I kept trying the same things over and over.

The Accelerator altered my perception. I feel like my radio has finally been properly tuned into the right frequency.”

Devin Spangler

HR Consulting

“The guys at Revolution Selling have become like my own board of advisors. Within a year, I went from near the bottom of the production chart to #2, doubling my personal income. I just needed the right tools and the right people to show me how to use them.

I am an introverted personality by nature, so sales never really came naturally to me. I always looked at it more transactionally than emotionally. But now, I’ve got a sales process created precisely for my situation instead of trying to squeeze myself into yet another pre-formatted model that doesn’t quite fit.

And the difference this has made in both my personal and professional life can’t be calculated linerally – it’s exponential. It’s 10x. It’s paradigm-shifting.”

Stacy Carter


“I’ve spent well over $50,000 in sales courses during my career, and while most of them had some measure of value, nothing can hold a candle to the wake-up call the Champion’s Accelerator gave me.

Bold. Brash. Unfiltered. There were times I honestly felt like someone slapped me. But like mom always said, you don’t get omlettes without breaking some eggs.

Of the top 10 investments I’ve evef made to advance my career, the Champion’s Accelerator is definitely in the top 3 (if not higher).”

Jose Parks


“For me, the accelerator helped me get out of my comfort zone. The mental drive and accountability tools provided me with a framework that has modified just about everything in my sales structure to where it dovetails with ME. 

I’m not a superstar just yet – but I’m well on my way.”

William Garcia

Marketing Consulting

“What can I say … this program has completely transformed me. You warned me that getting into the accelerator would be akin to drinking water from a fire hydrant, and you weren’t kidding. I move smarter and faster than anyone else and I feel like I’ve gained the unltimate unfair advantage.”

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