How we Transform average sales professionals into badass top-performing warriors

10,000 hours creates a master.

15,874+ hours coaching sales professionals creates a fail-safe, repeatable system to win.

Revolution Selling remains consistent in our ability to deliver life-changing results for sales professionals hell-bent on becoming the best versions of themselves 

how we do it



Revolutionary alignment 

You can simultaneously improve your sales results, fuel your mental health, and understand what drives you – if you have the right tools, mindset, and support. 

Cultivating a champion-caliber mindset that automates superior performance requires the rewiring of the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back and then detoxing you from all those old, tired and pressure-filled sales tactics that have been undermining your results.

The incredible results that will come to you once you have an aligned sales framework will positively impact you in ways that go far beyond just ‘more money’ – you will experience unparalleled acceleration in all the important areas of your life.



We will show you a radical new way of selling that completely eliminates high-pressure tactics, gets rid of all those ‘cheesy’ and ‘corny’ methods you hate, and positions you as a Trusted Advisor to your prospects.

You’ll close more sales faster and easier (while feeling good about it) and be amazed at how much your income and self-confidence grows when you use a sales framework based on collaboration, not tricks or coercion.

We’ll show you how to sell through alignment, build a proper foundation to support long-term scalable growth, and win sales faster that you ever though could be possible.




Every sales professional is unique – but they often run into the same rabbit holes. The tools we give you are geared to keep you out of those traps so you can get more shit done.

And forget about rusty ‘goal sheets’ – we’ll give you a set of modern tools that will help identify what’s holding you back, show you how to get more productive stuff done, and catch any red flags that might be slipping under your radar.

You’ll experience real performance acceleration at its finest (and fastest) when you have the right tools to help you get the job done.



You deserve to know when you’re crushing it – and also when you’re dropping the ball.  

Everest climbers have sherpas. Formula One drivers have pit crews. Champions know that trying to get to the top as the lone wolf is the long, hard, slow way.

We will give you the easier, faster, better – and proven – way as we shine a bright light on your progress while giving you the best coaching we can so you can achieve the transformation you want. We won’t give up on your success – and we’ll push you to make sure you don’t ever give up on yourself.

Find how fast and far you can go when you’ve got a badass coach in your corner.



Many of the sales professionals who work with us come in with the goal of shedding their bad sales habits and replacing them with better, more reliable methods. But what they also get is an epic transformation known to create amazing growth in everything they do.

Championship-level behavior, tools and coaching lead to championship-level results.

We will take you to the razor-sharp apex where financial achievement and abundance meet long-term lasting growth and impact. And we guarantee it will be world-class, exhilarating, and a lot of fun.

This is the ‘No-BS’ method we’ve used to turn over 1,800+ average, stalled and struggling sales professionals into top-performing powerhouses in as fast as 90 days



There are plenty of lesser sales coaching programs that will convince you that you’re improving, even when you are not. They don’t care about wasting your time.

frequently asked questions

Need to dive deeper? Let’s address the most common questions to help you arrive at a decision faster.

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How long is the commitment?

All our clients are required to start with a 90 day commitment to the Revolution Selling Method™. We start with the first phase which is developing a properly-aligned sales framework for your situation. Many clients require more time to experience the epic transformations you see.

What results can I expect?

That of course entirely depends on you.

Some of our clients experience notable improvements in their income; others see life-changing transformations that alter them both personally and professionally. It’s really all up to each individual and their ability to apply what they learn from us.

We will work with you to ensure you experience astonishing progress in exchange for your investment of time, energy, and money. But all our hard work won’t benefit you if you’re not coming to the table with the proper work ethic to follow through on what we give you.

Are there different program options?

We have different programs depending on your situation and goals.

While our most popular program is our group coaching accelerator, many of our clients who are serious about achieving their goals start with our custom 1:1 coaching. We also have a lower-tiered program for people who want DIY-access to our program elements without the coaching element.

Have you worked with someone like me before?

Our program is not for everyone – and not everyone gets in.

It’s exclusive to those who never settle for average in life which is why we mostly work with focused and driven individuals who have a desire to win.

Our clients have come from over 120 different industries, they include both men and women, and they range in experience from rookies to seasoned veterans.


How do I get into the program?

Your first step is to find out if you qualify for our program. Click here to fill out our application.

If you qualify, you’ll connect with our team to discuss program options.

Don’t waste your time if you aren’t willing to make a financial commitment. This is a top tier program with elite service – we’ve been known to turn away people from the program who are not a fit.

Many sales professionals come to us with the goal of improving their performance – but what they get is an epic transformation that creates an incredible paradigm shift in their personal lives as well.

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