The Champion’s Accelerator

Where sales professionals come to elevate their lives through clarity, balance and alignment

Are you ready?

finding the right sales coaching program can be tough

  • Do you ever wish you had people that you could count on to help you overcome your most important sales challenges?
  • Are you exhausted trying to find something that can reliably help you grow your results and income and doesn’t focus on teaching cheesy, pushy or ‘morally questionable’ sales tactics?
  • Have you ever wondered if you could find the right sales model that aligns with your character and values instead of constantly trying to force yourself to fit into someone else’s pre-fabricated cookie-cutter method?
  • Are you sick and tired of wasting your hard-earned time and money on mega-expensive sales training ‘courses’ that are informative – but not transformative
  • Do you want to work with a real axe-sharpening sales coach who can provide you with the kind of tailored, focused attention you need to drive your accountability and ultimate success?

10,000 hours creates a master.

12,574+ hours coaching sales professionals creates a fail-safe, repeatable system to win.

The Champion’s Accelerator remains consistent in its ability to deliver life-changing results for sales professionals hell-bent on becoming the best versions of themselves 


so much more than just some ‘sales course’

Smart sales professionals like you realize that the sales game has changed and that today’s buyers are fed-up with high-pressure, cheesy and manipulative sales tactics.

If you really want to achieve sustainable success in today’s hyper-competitive world, you must rid yourself of those old, pushy methods and evolve to a modern collaborative-based sales framework.

The Champion’s Acceleratordelivers a new type of sales coaching that shows you how to master the fundamentals of high-impact integrity-based selling that aligns with your personality, values and character.

Over 90 intense days, we will help you find much-needed balance in both your personal and professional life by detoxing you from using old and pressure-filled sales tactics that have been preventing your success and exchange them for a framework that is in alignment with YOU.

You’ll experience real performance acceleration at its finest (and fastest) because you’ll finally have clarity of purpose, the right tools to keep you on track, and a sales process that is congruent with your objectives.

And we guarantee it will be world-class, exhilarating, and a hell of lot of fun.

Ready for different?

why join?

The Champion’s Accelerator fuels – and frees – sales professionals on their journey to the pinnacle of personal and professional achievement

To Accelerate

Because the fastest learning – and the best outcomes – happen when you stop being a lone wolf and work alongside experienced, driven peers

To Advance

Because you don’t make exceptional progress or massive impact by talking about it – you do it by taking intentional and consistent action

To Achieve

Because exhilarating change and lasting growth happen when you are properly challenged and supported both mentally and emotionally

A Word of Caution

If you are just looking for some new “closing techniques”, trying to find some hot new “sales script” or you’re looking for some cheap ‘course’ that will magically turn you into some kind of rainmaker overnight – this is not for you.

This is a program for Champions, not chumps. 

We speak directly and plainly. We don’t make excuses. We use the tools and do the work. We swear occasionally. We get down and dirty.

And we get results. Guaranteed.


All Champion’s Accelerator members receive a fully curated and supported journey to achieving complete mastery of their performance, their lives and themselves


We will help you structure a sales framework that reliably provides the results, financial rewards, fulfillment, and impact you desire and deserve


Prioritize and nurture both the personal and professional relationships that inspire, support, and free you to bring your best to every opportunity


Create the best version of yourself – a picture of confidence, peace of mind, financial leadership, respect, and outstanding performance

how it works

1,823+ transformations.

90 intense days.

one helluva program.

Welcome to the Path to Peak Performance


FIND ALIGNMENT at work, home and self

You can simultaneously improve your sales results, fuel your mental health, and understand what drives you – if you have the right tools, mindset, and support.

We will strategically and systematically focus on serving the important aspects of your life and show you how you can effectively do the same.



Learn a radical new way of selling that completely eliminates high-pressure tactics and instead positions you as a Trusted Advisor by leveraging a framework that is congruent with your values, character and objectives.

You’ll be amazed at how much (and how fast) your income and self-confidence will skyrocket when you start using a sales framework that is based on collaboration, not coercion.


battle-tested Tools 

Every sales professional is unique – but they often run into the same rabbit holes.  

The tools we give you are geared to keep you out of those traps and help you identify what’s holding you back, show you how to get more productive stuff done, and catch any red flags that might be slipping under your radar.

And forget about dusty ‘goal sheets’ – these are modern tools that have been put to the test in the real world by badasses just like you.



You deserve to know when you’re crushing it – and when you’re dropping the ball. 

Champions know that trying to get to the top as the lone wolf is the long, hard, slow way.  We will give you the easier, faster, better – and proven – way as we hold you accountable to turn your goals into actions and those actions into amazing results.

Find how fast you can go when you’re pushed – and how much more you can accomplish when you’ve got a badass axe-sharpening sales coach in your corner.


obsessive support

Everest climbers have sherpas.  Formula One drivers have pit crews.  

Accelerator members have our Client Success Team, an experienced group of world-class support ninjas who will accelerate you through the learning curve, cheer you on, fuel you up, and keep you on track.

This is the ‘No-BS’ method we’ve used to transform 1,800+ average, stalled and struggling sales professionals into top-performing powerhouses in as fast as 90 days


Do you have what it takes to accelerate like this?

Still not sure?  Keep scrolling for more details.



There are plenty of lesser sales coaching programs out there that will convince you that you’re improving, even when you are not. They don’t care about wasting your time and money.

Three reasons not to work with us:

You’re a snowflake looking for a magical fix

Success in sales takes a hell of a lot of hard work – and there are no substitutes. If you still believe in the tooth fairy, then we can’t help you. 

We can make it simple by giving you a step-by-step game plan for getting better results, removing your frustrations, and finding proper balance in your career, life and self.  But, even though we can make those things simple, no one can make them EASY.

Every result and case study you see from the Champion’s Accelerator represents an extraordinary individual who showed up coachable, decisive, and determined to succeed. They followed everything we told them to do, they pushed through their setbacks, self-doubts and challenges – and earned their success.

The path to the top requires hard work and discipline. If you’re a whiner, complainer, or one of those low-IQ snowflake types who feels entitled to get fantastic results without putting in the hard work, we recommend a HARD PASS on this program – you should spend your money on milk and cookies instead (you’ll be much happier).

You’re a broke pennypincher just looking for a few ‘tips’

Champions don’t use random ideas and ‘patchwork’ strategies – they use a high-powered sales framework that aligns with their character, values and objectives. And to properly structure a real aligned sales framework, you need to establish a new high-performance rhythm that challenges (and completely resets) your entire sales belief system.

Such champion-level results require a commitment and investment of time, of effort, and money.

If you don’t see the value in making that kind of investment because you’re a penny-pincher who thinks you can find a Dollar Tree-priced solution to your situation, obviously we’re not going to see you in the winners circle anytime soon.

This program is for Champions, not chumps. The sales professionals who join the Champion’s Acceleratorare not happy being benchwarmers or being given participation trophies – they want to be on the field making the big plays and are ready to go ALL IN on their success. 

you are ok with sacrificing integrity for results

Our mission is based on the foundation that sales – when done right – is a collaboration between yourself and your prospect. Selling should never be a coercive or manipulative situation for anyone.

Sadly, all too often we see sales professionals willing to trade their ethics for the ability to book a few more wins and earn a few more bucks.

Those people have a very difficult time adjusting to the kind of integrity-based sales framework we provide.

Please understand that our program is inadequate for professional excuse-making ‘pretend victims’ and do-nothing tomato cans. Don’t just blindly apply for this program if you’re a drooling ‘tactics’ addict who hops from one shiny object to another and never sticking to anything – this will be a waste of your time and money, and you’re better off saving both for a lower-end solution somewhere else.


Then Join Now – and Join In


To preserve the integrity and combined growth of our members, access to the Champion’s Accelerator is reserved for sales professionals who are committed to contribution, accountability and badass results

how to join

You apply

See if the Accelerator is right for you by watching our 17-minute training and evaluate your fit and readiness to join


Tell us a bit about yourself and your objectives – and we’ll send you an invitation to enroll in the program if you qualify


If we’ve got what you want (and you have what it takes), you’ll hit the ground running with our Client Success Team

There’s no high-pressure sales call.

Nothing to add to your calendar.

No annoying upsells.

show up. do the work. get results.

our straight + forward guarantee

We don’t play games – and expect you don’t either.

Your investment – and results – are connected by a simple formula:

Training & Coaching + Proven Tools + Badass Strategies + Your Effort

= Powerful Results

In the first 30 days, you’ll begin to experience palpable acceleration, start seeing real results, access tools you’ll use for a lifetime and know if the Accelerator is for you … or not. Your satisfaction will speak for itself or you can cancel your enrollment and we will give you 110% of your money back (the extra 10% because we wasted your time – shame on us).


than you have in 3 years

Everything we do in the Accelerator is geared to get it done

frequently asked questions

Need to dive deeper? Let’s address the most common questions to help you arrive at a decision faster.

Don’t see your question or need additional help? Contact us

How long is the Accelerator program?

The core Accelerator program is 12 weeks (90 days).

During this time we detox you from manipulative selling techniques and move you to a collaborative selling framework. 

After the core program, we support you for an additional 9 months with ongoing support coaching and access to our Client Success Team who can assist you as you continue to accelerate your results and ensure your momentum is sustained.

How do I know if I'm a fit for this?

The Accelerator is not for everyone – and  not everyone gets in.

We are exclusive to sales professionals who never settle for average – which is why we mostly work with focused high-energy individuals who are driven by a burning desire to win.

The Accelerator doesn’t sugar-coat anything – so if you are easily offended by direct talk or can’t handle a swift kick in the rear if you’re dropping the ball, you may want to reconsider applying.

But if you have a solid professional work ethic, are coachable, and are ready, able, and excited to invest in yourself (time, money, effort) to achieve mastery of your sales performance, your life, and yourself – starting now – then you’re very likely a great fit for the Accelerator program.


What results can I expect?

That of course all depends on you.

Some of our Accelerator members experience notable improvements in their sales performance; others see life-changing transformations that alter them forever.

It’s really all up to each individual and their ability to use what they learn from us.

We work with you to ensure you experience astonishing progress in exchange for your investment of time, energy, and money.

But all our hard work won’t benefit you if you’re not coming to the table with the proper work ethic to follow through on what we teach you.

We can push you as hard as you can take it, but in the end the results you are going to get are entirely up to your ability to actually use what you learn.

What is the time commitment?

The duration of the primary core transformation program is 90 days (12 weeks), during which you will spend approximately 2-3 hours each week on program content and coaching sessions.

After the core segment, to help make sure your forward progress is sustained and your growth is permanent (so you don’t back-slide into old, destructive habits), we will support you through coaching sessions and ongoing training workshops.

What if I just want to improve one thing?

We believe that working on just ‘one thing’ is very likely the reason you keep failing to achieve the success you want.

If you are looking to learn just ‘one thing’ – such as finding a ‘better script’ or picking up a ‘few more creative closing techniques’, there are plenty of sales ‘courses’ out there that can push you to be 10% better and – maybe – they will give you just enough of the boost you want (at least for a little while).

But if you want lasting acceleration that seriously moves the needle on your performance, your income and your life, that can only be achieved by resetting your fundamentals and then establishing a sales framework that aligns with your personal and professional life.

Alignment is what you can expect to get from the Accelerator.

Have you worked with someone like me before?

Do you sell a product or service for a living?

Do you consider yourself a professional salesperson?

Is the majority of your income derived from your ability to win new sales?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, we’ve successfully transformed over 1,800 people just like you.

Accelerator members have come from over 150 different and distinct industries, they include both men and women, and range in experience from rookies to seasoned veterans.

So if you sell anything for a living, chances are very good that we’ve worked with someone like you before.


How do I get into the program?

Your first step is to find out if you quality to for the program. Click here to get started.

If you qualify, you’ll be contacted by a Revolution Selling team member by email or messenger who will discuss with you how the program works, what you can expect, and whether or not the Accelerator is the right fit for you.

NOTE: If you are not willing to commit yourself 100% to your own success, then you’re wasting everyone’s time. This is a top-tier transformation program with elite support – we’ve been known to turn away people who are not a fit. If you know you’re not willing or able to give this program 100% effort, then don’t waste your time (and don’t waste ours).

Many Accelerator members come in with the singular goal of improving their sales performance – but what they get is an epic transformation that creates tremendous growth in their personal lives as well.

WHY ARE YOU down here ?!?

You arrived at this website for a reason. Clearly you want to fix something in your life – maybe you want more income, maybe you want less stress, maybe you want greater peace of mind.

Whatever it is, one thing is for sure:  You’re never going to get any of those things if you keep wasting your time scrolling websites.

How much have you already spent on sales books, seminars, workshops, and courses – and still haven’t leveled-up your performance, your income or you life?

Can you honestly say you are absolutely confident in your ability to meet your success goals by continuing to do the same things you’re doing now?

How many hours have you wasted trying to piece together various sales tactics, strategies and ideas on your own – and yet here you are still searching, still hoping, and still wishing for a better life?

Maybe it’s time you asked yourself the hard question:  Are you going to continue to stay imprisoned by your excuses, or are you finally going to stop the BS and break free?