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Mission: Accepted

To Powerfully and Positively Impact 10,000 Sales Professionals

Why helping sales professionals succeed is so damn important to us:

The sales profession is one of the true engines of the American economy. And yet so many salespeople struggle because they don’t focus enough on the one key element that decides their fate:

Having a highly-effective, integrity-based and scalable sales strategy.

Well, we’re on a mission to fix that.

We focus on unleashing optimal performance, efficiency, and influence in the people who work with us by giving them better tools, holding them accountable to their sales growth objectives, and support them on their journey to achieving their personal, business and financial goals. And for every sales professional we help, we positively affect 150 people in their impact radius – family members, friends, communities, industries, and the world at large.

Our team of obsessed, driven sales growth fanatics is on a mission to help 10,000 sales professionals build exceptional results, make legendary impacts, and create lasting growth while finding proper balance in their lives.

We’re well on our way to accomplishing that mission.


Sales professionals typically get a bad wrap – and it’s easy to see why:  Movies have reinforced the stereotype that sales success only comes from saying and doing whatever it takes to ‘get them to sign on the line that is dotted!’

But Hollywood can’t bear all of the blame.

Most businesses make that negative stereotype even worse by giving their sales teams unclear sales processes that confuse prospects, training their salespeople with outdated high-pressure tactics, or simply by not giving a damn about properly managing their sales team.

So it’s no wonder when a sales professional finds themself struggling to achieve meaningful growth in their performance that it’s a real challenge for them to figure out what they need to fix first and how to do it correctly.

Building and sustaining outstanding success in sales is founded on clarity – that’s the trunk of the tree from which everything else is supported. And clarity starts with understanding that buyers today have evolved beyond high-pressure or manipulative sales tactics.

Success in sales today requires a sales process that is rooted in collaborating with prospects in order to focus on discovering the prospect’s true problem or objective – and then determining if the product/solution you are selling can legitimately solve that problem; and if it does, moving the prospect to action naturally and not through manipulative tactics.

success is a mindset, not a tactic

The stakes are high – and the difference between winning and losing comes down to having the right coach in your corner.

At a certain point, successful sales professionals like yourself decide to level up – and that’s when you realize you can’t get to that next level until you get your sales process right – because what got you here isn’t going to get you there.

For anyone who’s ever had a bonafide coach in their corner during a boxing match or on the sidelines during a football game, they know that the term “coach” barely scratches the surface when describing the role those people play your life.

Coaches provide inspiration, accountability, unfiltered advice, and more. Great coaches consistently step up to the plate and embrace their responsibility to help you reach your potential, becoming whoever they need to be in order to help you win.

And to become a high-performing sales champion, you don’t need more BS advice or rah-rah motivation – what you need is a real axe-sharpening sales coach. 

At Revolution Selling, we’ve pioneered a new type of sales coaching that focuses less on trying to find the right “closing script” or coming up with tricky ways to ‘overcome objections’ and more on focusing on the fundamentals of honesty.

We’re going to consistently push you to operate at the edge of your own competency and keep you accountable.

And as long as you’re coachable, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

This isn’t your daddy’s sales coaching – we don’t give seminars at the local Holiday Inn; you’re not here to wear a name tag, drink stale coffee, or sit in a conference room listening to someone tell you how great they are.

You don’t need more BS advice. You want RESULTS.

So let’s get you some – fast.

Time to buckle down – and buckle up.

“We are a mission-based business, meaning we measure our success by results, not revenues. We can be generous with our tools and our time because, in the end, we’re still helping sales professionals move the needle – even if they never buy anything from us, we’re still making a difference.  And that’s huge.”



No stranger to the top – or the bottom – J. Michael Tibor is committed to helping as many sales professionals and small businesses as he can achieve massive impact, find balance in their lives, and smash their goals – all without blowing up what is most important to them.

Find out why all of this is so damn important to him.



Spartan warriors were known for their professionalism, their code of honor, and their ability to work in unison to achieve a common objective.

This made them among the best and most feared soldiers in the world.

Their agility, cleverness, and speed were not as important as their grit, fortitude, stamina — and their unwavering endurance to adhere to their code of honor.

And although most people associate “warriors” with fighting and hunting, it is the ability to master your intentions while finding the strength to have discipline and power in every aspect of your life that distinguishes the warrior from common people.

Not without irony, all of those are traits found in successful sales professionals.

Having a warrior mentality clarifies your purpose. It gives you an unbreakable code of honor between yourself and your objectives. It fills you with drive to never settle for mediocrity. And it provides you with a framework to do everything with honesty and integrity.

All of these are traits we have dedicated our lives to teach, train, coach, support and reinforce in sales professionals and their respective companies all around the world.

READY TO GET serious about getting serious?

Give us just 90 days, we’ll give you the results you didn’t think were possible

We help keep you accountable, help you build and maintain your sales ‘battle rhythm’, and ensure you maintain a champion’s mindset at all times, allowing you to perform at the highest levels of sales success.

The only thing holding you back is you.