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Mission: Accepted

To Powerfully and Positively Impact 10,000 Sales Professionals

Why helping sales professionals is so damn important:

Sales professionals are one of true engines of the American economy. And yet it is one of the most misunderstood, misinformed and mistreated professions in the world.

Well we’re on a mission to fix that.

For every sales professional we support, we positively affect 150 people in their impact radius – family members, friends, communities, companies, industries, and the world at large.

We unleash optimal performance, efficiency, and influence in the sales professionals who work with us by giving them better tools, holding them accountabile to themselves and their goals, and support their journey to becoming the best they can be.  

Our team of driven doers is on a mission to help 10,000 sales professionals build exceptional incomes, legendary lives, and sharpened tip-of-the-spear humans – all at the same time.

And we’re well on our way to accomplishing that mission.

our bold beliefs

SALES needed a reset

Sales as profession has been broken for many years. Statistically, people are more likely to trust a local coffee shop barista than they are a professional salesperson (yikes).

And it’s being made worse by fake gurus peddling their magic-bullet solutions or that preach high-pressure and/or bait-and-switch tactics as the pathway to greater restults.

We are determined to stand above this noise and be a haven for real sales professionals who want genuine, honest help improving their results and finding stronger balance in their lives.

talk is cheap

Discussing ‘success’ is for social media platforms and cocktail parties.

It’s far too easy to sit around and speak about what you ‘will’ do, or what your ‘intentions’ are. But it doesn’t take very long for time to suddenly turn all your ‘plans’ into items you regret never completing or – worse – never starting.

The sales professionals who really want to be at the top aren’t wasting time talking about it – they are too busy taking committed action to make it happen.  Taking focused and committed action is what makes the difference between people who ‘talk’ and those who achieve.

There are few things more valuable than a kept promise especially to yourself and those you love that care about you.  We expect you to turn your goals into committed action and results. The journey to the top is marked by hard work, better help and powerful resources, complimented by how well you accept, learn, master and implement them.

balance creates mastery

The journey to the top is marked by success at work, in life, and in the mirror.

These are not at odds.

Most sales professionals think these can’t be done any other way than grinding them out sequentially.  But the fact is they are intertwined, congruent and accelerated by each other to a zen-level of ease. 

Mastering all of them is what defines true and lasting success.

You own the outcome

The results you get are created by you, not us.

You have to identify your desired outcomes, show up, use and master the relevant tools we give you, implement what will accelerate you, and then drive all of it through to the finish line with deliberate tactical execution.

You own the outcome; we are your sherpas, your pit crew – only responsible for giving you the best help and coaching we can. And we promise it will be world-class, exhilarating, astonishing… and maybe even legendary.

real pros stand by their word

The world is full of ‘buyer beware’ marketing that preys on people’s anxieties with pie-in-the-sky promises and bait-and-switch business practices.

It should always be a big bright red flag when you any coaching or training company talks very loud about how great their solution or program is – and yet they are unwilling to stand behind it with any kind of guarantee.

Whether we work together for weeks, months or years, everything we do at Revolution Selling is backed by an honor code of treating others the same way we want to be treated:  Fairly, politely, and honestly. 

All of our work – and your investment – is connected by a very simple formula:  Our Guidance + Proven Tools + Outstanding Coaching + Your Genuine Effort = Powerful Results. And those results will speak for themselves in your first 30 days or you’ll get 110% of your money back (the extra 10% because shame on us for wasting your time).

We put our money where our mouth is – and you should be wary of anyone who doesn’t.

stop scrolling and start scaling

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better results begins with being a better person

Sales professionals typically get a bad wrap – and it’s easy to see why:  Movies have reinforced the stereotype that sales success only comes from saying and doing whatever it takes to ‘get them to sign on the line that is dotted!’

But Hollywood can’t bear all of the blame.  Most sales training programs continue to feed into that stereotype by promoting short-cut tactics with the promise:  You are just one good script, one good closing technique, or one good ‘pitch’ away from success.

All too often, sales professionals just get burned out. The rejection, day in and day out. Dealing with rude prospects. Constantly chasing quota. Each sales presentation a battle.

It doesn’t matter how resilient you are – there comes a time when all of that takes it’s toll on your mental, physical and economic health.

So it’s no wonder sales professionals are constantly on the lookout for ‘short-cut’ tactics that can give them some – any – kind of respite from all of that. 

And sometimes it works. For a while, anyway.

But short cuts are never a long-term solution. All the sales scripts, strategies and ‘secrets’ in the world won’t ever allow you to break free – that ONLY comes when you are operating from a place of integrity, honesty and sincerity.

Outstanding sales success is founded on character – it’s the trunk of the tree from which everything else is supported.

Building a better sales strategy relies on the ability to make honesty, ingegrity and sincerity the building blocks that support every technique, method, and process you use.

When sales is an honorable exercise, it makes everyone involved a better person, and helps build a better world.

success is a mindset, not a tactic

The Revolution Selling method works because it changes the mindset by realigning core values of the salesperson to those of their prospects, which in turn allows sales to close more naturally without the need for pressure or coercion:

– Proactively reduces or eliminates objections before they come up (objections will always come up, so it doesn’t make sense to ignore them until they do – instead, it’s much more effective to diffuse as many objections as possible up front and before the prospect presents them)

Positions sales professsionals as a ‘Trusted Advisor’ instead of a ‘sales rep’

– Effectively frames each sales conversation so prospects feel like they are being guided, not ‘sold’ (this is a simple solution to a way-too-common problem)

Great salespeople do not rely on a script (yes, having a framework is important, but if selling simply required following a script word for word, monkeys with tape recorders could handle everything)

– Yes, you CAN close any sale in just one sitting or conversation – even if they have never spoken with you before (spending your time trying to build a relationship with prospects to ‘earn their trust’ so they will eventually buy is for weak salespeople who hide behind ‘activity reports’.

No sales professional should ever spend weeks or months pestering someone to make a buying decision – that’s stalking, not sales)

– Sales can close naturally – not because you ‘boxed’ someone into a corner or played clever ‘games’ (if you have to ‘convince’ a prospect to buy, then you’re just a carnival barker)

– Close sales at any price, even if it’s higher than the competition (constantly bidding against other companies to win the sale is a silly way to sell anything; buying decisions should never come down to just price)

These elements have been responsible for helping thousands of sales professionals just like you reach (and even surpass) all of their income goals.


No stranger to the top – or the bottom – J. Michael Tibor is committed to helping as many sales professionals as he can achieve massive impact, find balance in their lives, and smash their goals – all without blowing up what is most important to them.

Find out why all this is so damn important to him.


Spartan warriors were known for their professionalism, their code of honor, and their ability to work in unison to achieve a common objective.

This made them among the best and most feared soldiers in the world.

Their agility, cleverness, and speed were not as important as their grit, fortitude, stamina — and their unwavering endurance to adhere to their code of honor.

And although most people associate “warriors” with fighting and hunting, it is the ability to master your intentions while finding the strength to have discipline and power in every aspect of your life that distinguishes the warrior from common people.

Not without irony, all of those are traits found in successful sales professionals.

Having a warrior mentality clarifies your purpose. It gives you an unbreakable code between yourself and your objectives. It fills you with drive to never settle for mediocrity. And it provides you with a framework to do everything with honesty and integrity.

All of these are traits we have dedicated our lives to teach, train, coach, support and reinforce in sales professionals around the world.

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