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Revolution Selling is where select high-impact sales professionals get what they need to build breathtaking results, create exceptional lives, and reach their peak performance – NOW.


The fastest learning – and the best outcomes – happen when you stop being a lone wolf and work alongside experienced, driven peers.


You don’t make exceptional progress or massive impact by talking about it – you do it by taking intentional and consistent action.


Exhilarating change and lasting growth happen when you are properly challenged and supported both mentally and emotionally.

“One of the biggest mistakes sales professionals make is assuming they can achieve or sustain real success in today’s modern selling environment by relying on old, antiquated tactics.


We take sales professionals and make them exponentially more effective, efficient, and impactful (in both their personal and professional lives) by teaching them a proven framework that converts sales better, faster, and easier – without relying on high-pressure or coercive methods.


This is how sales professionals in today’s world get to the top.”

– J Michael Tibor, CBSP, Founder

Revolution Selling

sales professionals in 27 countries call us the ‘navy seals’ of sales coaching. Why?

Because outstanding results start with a change of pace – and perspective

We help sales professionals improve their sales framework, cultivate greater and more consistent results, and establish themselves as performance leaders in their marketplace.

But we are not a typical ‘sales training’ firm. 

Most sales training companies tend to focus on teaching techniques or ‘tactics’ as their core approach. Not surprisingly, most sales professionals who invest in those kinds of programs rarely (if ever) see real and lasting results.

Why? Because achieving real and lasting success in sales today relies on having the right mindset, the right balance, and the right objectives.

Without all three of those in place, even the greatest sales tactics in the world will never help you get to the top.

Sales professionals around the world have told us we helped save their careers, their health, and even their marriages.

That’s because what we do here is completely different than anything else they have ever experienced.

Our approach – the mastery of career, life and self – is supported by battle-tested tools, world-class coaching, obsessive client support and tested sales frameworks rooted in the principle that sales should be about collaboration, not pressure or coercion.

If you’re a sales professional who has clearly seen the vision of your success – and are prepared to go all-in to do what it takes to achieve it …

… then this is your home.


Sales as profession has been broken for many years. And it’s being made worse by fake gurus peddling magic-bullet solutions or high-pressure tactics.

We are determined to stand above this noise and be a haven for sales professionals who want genuine, honest help improving their results and finding stronger balance in their lives without relying on methods that require the sacrifice of their integrity.

When sales is an honorable exercise, it makes everyone involved better for it.

our track record

1,800+ sales professionals trained, coached, instructed and supported

1,100+ have added at least $50,000 to their income since working with us

400+ have added $100,000 or more

96.8% graduation/completion rate for our Academy program

Thousands of dinner tables attended on-time, vacations enjoyed, children’s activities attended, goals achieved, promises kept, and much, much more.

our why

We are striving to build a better world, one sales professional at a time.

Badasses like you have a blast radius of about 150 people: Spouse, family, friends, and more. When we achieve our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) of helping 10,000 sales professionals achieve their goals, we know that means more than 1,500,000 families, companies, and the world-at-large will have been positively impacted.

That would be a mission accomplished.

“I was looking for a place where I could specifically identify where and why I was stuck – and then get the help I needed to me push me forward past my own limitations.  

Once I was introduced to Revolution Selling, everything changed. I transformed. I grew. I felt like I was a whole new person. It was like I finally woke up from a bad dream.

They addressed the key mental elements that were negatively impacting my performance. Now I close over 85% of my sales in just one single conversation – no more endless chasing prospects, no pressure tactics.

Today my life has become truly remarkable because I sell with integrity.

– Ellen Brower


  • Selling with the calm, poise and razor-sharp focus of a zen monk, finally free of the trap of mental chatter, nervousness, uncertainty and hesitation.
  • Moving with a relaxed, effortless creativity that allows every sales negotiation to flow naturally through you – without ever needing to force results or resort to manipulative tactics to secure buyer commitments.
  • Closing a sale in just one single conversation, at prices as high as $100,000 – even if the prospect has never heard of you or your company before and has no relationship with you prior to the conversation.
  • Being unshakeable in the face of difficulty – and have the ultra-rare ability to turn even the toughest sales challenges into explosive positive results.
  • Walking into every selling situation with the commanding presence of a samurai – finally free of trying to remember cheesy, outdated ‘sales scripts’ or ‘pitches’ and instead simply being yourself and having an honest, open conversation with your prospect.
  • Winning more sales in a month than you currently do in a year – consistently, repeatedly, almost effortlessly – and secure deals with even the toughest of prospects in the harshest of market conditions.
  • Your prospects immediately seeing you as a Trusted Advisor – someone they can confide in to help solve their problems or help them achieve specific objectives – and not just ‘another sales rep’ like all the others they talk to every day.
  • Abandoning the feast-and-famine unpredictability in your sales cycle – and replacing it with certainty, consistency and stability, reducing your stress levels and giving you much-needed peace of mind.

… and, most importantly:


  • Experiencing the power that comes from selling with honesty and integrity unleashing a blazing new level of confidence, discipline, and energy that positively impacts every part of your life.

you could have THIS life in JUST 90 days

How is this possible?

Learn everything you need to know to get started creating this life for yourself in this free training:

Immediately, I began discovering my strengths, and became aware off my blind spots and weaknesses.  What followed was exponential growth.

Right off the bat, Revolution Selling changed my mindset, my way of thinking and how to bring out the best in myself. I wanted not just to improve my sales results but I wanted to stop feeling like I was slick or pushy trying to get clients to buy.  They helped me achieve more, faster than I anticipated.  This is nothing like anything I’ve ever experienced before in a sales coaching program.”

– Sam Parks


the tools you want.

the support you need.

the progress you deserve.

Our proven coaching and feet-to-the-fire accountability will guide you to achieve more than you ever thought possible


Anyone can make a goal sheet; badasses create awareness and performance rhythms so they can make their achievement inevitable.

Our battle-tested tools will drive better performance in every aspect of your personal and professional life.


Most coaching programs are informative, not transformative.

Here you will experience the power and acceleration that comes from real world class sales coaching as you become more (and better) equipped than ever to achieve the success you want.


Formula 1 drivers have pit crews, Everest climbers have sherpas.

Now you can have your own group of experienced sales growth warriors to help you accelerate through the learning curve, cheer you on, fuel you up, and keep you on track.

It’s our mission, privilege and honor to help you understand that sales coaching – when it’s world-class like this is – creates lasting improvements in your income, life, and inner self.

And for the right sales badass at the right time in their life looking for the right thing, this is an exhilarating, breathtaking and astonishing value that will last a lifetime.

Real Stories. Real Results.

Bob Scoggin


“It’s easy to rely on your ego and think, I got this; I don’t need a coach, I don’t need help.

But the reality is you do need a coach if you want the brass ring. There isn’t a single person who got to the top in any field without a mentor or coach. Revolution Selling has been that for me.

Kevin Kinsey


I hadn’t grappled with the reality of what it means to really means to invest in yourself. When I stopped being obstinate and started to accept the fact there are others out there who have been there and done that and I could leverage their experience without having to fall into the potholes myself, that’s when things radically changed for me.  Revolution Selling has changed me in ways that I didn’t expect.”

Dan Hansell


“For me, Revolution Selling has been amazing. You don’t have to do this alone. It doesn’t have to be a solo journey. There are tools. There is support. There is no other sales coaching I have found that takes a whole-life approach to sales success like these guys do.”

Jenna Vinson

Merchant Services

“Revolution Selling is a beautiful blend of hearts, smarts and creativity. 

The quality of the content, coaching, and support is excellent. I love how they only work with well-intentioned, well-qualified sales professionals, business owners and those who are committed to helping others.

If you want more out of your career, life, and self, it will take more. More knowledge. More experience. More expertise. And the good news is you don’t have to take that all on personally – you can learn from others and save yourself the mistakes, the grief, the expense, and the time.”

Norman Gonzalez


Having the awareness of how I best operate and acknowledging and accepting that other people can help me do it better has shown me that I finally don’t have to keep trying to do it all alone.

Revolution Selling got me back to who I really wanted to be when I first got into sales more than 20 years ago.

Todd Chasteen


“Before Revolution Selling, I didn’t have a framework to engage myself to enable top performance, and now I do, and I see the benefit of that intentional actions every day.

I think every sales professional wants that – to be working with clients who are happy, excited, and devising creative solutions to complex client issues. It’s not just about finding the methods to getting there – it’s about creating a mental structure that easily brings that out and builds upon it layer after layer.

Best damn investment I’ve ever made.”

Andy Grant


You gave me freedom! I win more clients more because I’m selling smarter. I struggle less because I’m selling smarter. I have a much lower stress level because I’m selling smarter. 

Having more respect for how I sell my services and having more respect for my clients has translated into having more clients, better clients, and more profits.

Hugh Johnson

Oil and Energy

I cannot thank the team at Revolution Selling enough for how much I learned and how far I’ve travelled since.

Everything from re-structuring my sales process to helping me with better manage my time to how to serve vs. sell clients with a set process to go through on sales calls, and so much more. I am so grateful to have completed the program. My clients now actually call me to ask advice and guidance on next-purchase decisions – that’s unheard of!

Catherine Foust

Information Tech

I would recommend Revolution Selling to anyone who is genuinely interested in becoming the best sales professional they can be; they helped me and pushed me harder than anyone ever has – they genuinely care.

Do you have what it takes to accelerate like this?


three ways to get up to speed

Designed for sales professionals at every stage of growth


Explore our Program

Our Academy program provides battle-tested tools, feet-to-the-fire accountability and tactical training  guaranteed to guide you to achieve more than you ever thought possible.


Watch the Free Training

Watch our free training masterclass where we walk you through exactly how to close any sale, at any price, in just one single conversation, by phone or in person. Get ready to be amazed.


Talk with the Team

Apply for a private 1:1 consultation call with a member of our coaching team and discuss your individual situation, goals, objectives, and identify if we have what you need to support your efforts.

“Top-performing sales professionals like me tend to lead lonely lives in our pursuit of excellence – there is really nowhere we can go for strategic-level guidance from people who have actually been there and have travelled the same road and dealt with the same challenges.

I needed a place where I could get the kind of counsel – not just to get me to the top of my game, but to help me stay there. Revolution Selling has been that for me.”

– Jack Wallins